Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Suffering from wonder lust? You will after this bath beaut: Golden Wonder review. Bath Bomb Wednesdays with Lush Cosmetics.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all fine, well and having a lovely week so far this week. Back again with another sensual bath for you all, this time with a Christmas special. You might ask how I am getting a hold of these right now? People are still selling some of these on Lush Facebook groups, two of which I am a part of and it's fantastic for getting your hands on limited edition bath bombs or goodies, which may have been in the kitchen and you missed the chance or they were on special time and you missed that opportunity; it's also a fantastic way to make new friends. You should know the drill by now but just in case, my name is Natalie, I have been doing blogs for the past year and "Bath bomb Wednesdays" on Instagram for the past two months on natiee_blogs and in today's review, we have the one that started my best friend, Chloe, off into her lush loving phase, the Golden Wonder bath bomb.

I combined this relaxing beauty with a sample of Yellow Fun kindly given to me by the lovely Chloe (thank you my dear!) and they are given in these very generous sample sizes, but we'll do a small focus on that later on. Golden wonder is as you can see, shaped like a Christmas present and it really is a delightful present. Again, similar to the Golden egg I feel like this is another bomb that has decreased in size, but great things come in small packages (you don't have to laugh at my terrible puns, I'll do that for you). At the price of £3.95, this bath bomb is definitely worth your money, very relaxing and certainly leaves a one of a kind impression on you. I did have the misfortune of dropping mine before I placed it in the bath, though I did my best to keep it together but this may effect my overall judgement of the bomb as it may spoil the performance, it was still a whole bath bomb and I still thoroughly enjoyed this bath.
A blend of cognac, gardenia extract, lime oils and orange oils are a fantastic, sweet, floral and fragrant combination inviting Christmas into the home in the warmest way, whilst being combined with cream of Tartar gives the bath bomb and many of the bubble bars, their frothy and snow-like bubbles that land beautifully on top of the light, winter-frost blue waters. The smell which rose from the steam, winter warm bath greeted my nose and senses with a gentle, baby oil and body wash fragrance, definitely more calming, moisturising and nourishing, exactly what you need when being revealed to the winter elements. When placing into the water, I saw a gentle yellow, blue and white expel and dance around with the bathwater, creating a frosty like blue with glitter shimmer to add highlight and healthy glow to the body and with a combination of small stars, adds to this winter night bath in the middle of May (I know, bizarre).
This is a bath bomb I would recommend to have in the winter over summer, to use just before bed, it's rejuvenating, refreshing, Christmassy and warming in all areas of its ingredients and in bath experience. I personally, didn't find an overload of bubbles within my bath, which I enjoyed as I don't like to smother in bubbles. Soft, gentle and relaxing soak leaving the water falling off the skin in a fast motion from the softness this product has left the skin and the fresh feel lasted a very long time. My mood was lifted, relaxed and a lot more pleasant after a stressful day, I highly recommend when this bath bomb returns.
Rating: 5/5 


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