Friday, 24 June 2016

Hello Bath, Hello Lush Ro-Ro-Ro-Ro-Rose Bombshell! Bath Bomb Wednesday's with Lush Cosmetics.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all fine, well and having a fantastic week so far, welcome back to another Bath Bomb Wednesday and we're still in Lush cosmetics with a mother's day special that will make anyone feel like a beauty queen or like they're laying in a bed of roses (to quote Bon Jovi). Although this isn't available anymore in store, I purchased this bath bomb within a Lush Cosmetics group and when you do things like that, I do suggest you use it as soon as possible because once it is no longer fresh, there is a chance the product will not perform as well as they usual would.
Rose Bombshell is beautifully decorated with rose flowers on it beautiful, pink round physique, a purple like centre that's filled with Rose petals (see me make this bath bomb into a Shower cream). The scent of the bath bomb is very close to Rose Jam however, it seemed to have its own unique twist which I couldn't quite place.
I felt it was much more floral than Rose jam or the Rose jam bubbleroon, which is much sweeter and subtle where as Rose bombshell is very much more rose fragrance. Known for their moisturising, nourishing and balancing the skin tone, cancelling out redness to even out tone and take away any signs of inflammation, the Rose oils and petals within this bath bomb, really did tick the boxes leaving my skin soft, even in tone and moisturised as well as having a relaxing and nurturing impact, turning your water into a pink love lagoon.
Rose bombshell when it was placed gently into the water was very quick fizzing and subtle in scent, though not very frothy so if you're hoping for more bubbles and froth I would recommend combining this bath bomb with Rose Jam shower gel, Rose jam Bubbleroon or I can imagine it would go very well with pop in the bath, big bang, milky bar, butterball or a snow-fairy or no fragrance scented bath product, leaving the body feeling sweet and soft whilst adding that froth and complimenting the rose.
When I entered the bath, did feel like I was entering Barbie's dream bathtub, in spite of their being petals already which are released in the middle of the bomb, I decided to add more petals to increase moisture, fragrance and add more affection or personal touch to the bath which definitely helped me relax so much more. Does it meet my criteria for a "Mum" bath? I would say yes it does, it's nurturing, comforting, relaxing, with a floral rose aroma making it a great mother's day present.
The skin when I departed from this bath was stained with the subtle Rose Jam fragrance, extremely smooth, evened my skin tone, well moisturised and all dry areas on my body quickly became soft, dropped off and were no longer existent.
If you are not keen on a floral, sweet scent then this is not a bath bomb for you but for myself personally I will probably repurchase this item if it makes a comeback next year because of the positive effects and subtle fragrance, which it left my skin with. However, despite all this, it is not one of my all time favourite bath bombs from their seasonal/special occasion collections.

Rating: 3/5 

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