Wednesday, 18 May 2016

I want a Golden Egg Daddy and I want it NOW! Bath Bomb Wednesdays with Lush Cosmetics.

Hello Everybody,

I hope you are all fine, well and having a lovely week so far. Those of you who have been here before, welcome back and those of you who are new, my name is Natalie I am a vegetarian/vegan beauty blogger based in the South West of England.
Some of you who follow me on Instagram or follow this blog will know I have been doing "Bath bomb Wednesdays" regularly as a feature of my blog, today we will be exploring one of the Easter Specials that everyone pretty much loses it for, including Veruca Salt (we understand Veruca, we really do) and I think all Lushies in unison begin chanting.
The Golden Egg works as a two in one with the bath oil on the outside and the bath bomb on the inside, so with this product, you get the two in one luxury with all the glitter as well. I believe for first-time lush buyer or cocktail makers, this would be a perfect first purchase as you wouldn't frantically be searching the shop for two bath products, which compliment each other, though the members of staff are helpful and extremely good at advising. Egg shaped, covered in glitter and joy, however in comparison to last years golden egg, it's a lot smaller in size, the bath bomb certainly does draw in your attention and eyes like a clan of magpies (if you tell me you aren't drawn to shiny things, you're lying just a little bit!).
I do not recommend this bath bomb if you are not a fan of glitter, although within the bath it practically sits with the rest of the water, it's simply picking up the egg the glitter gets everywhere so do ask if you can have it wrapped up, to keep your stuff glitter-free safe.
Being a bath oil as well as a bath bomb in the centre, when first placing the golden egg in the water the lovely oils slowly turned the water to this golden yellow with a shimmer to it, something that reminds me of sunshine in a bath and the scent was a very sweet toffer like fragrance which can only be described as the inside of Willy Wonka's factory, the smell raised slowly from the bath and lasted a long time. The oil disappearing into the water almost looks like a potato lightly peeling, it isn't as extravagant a show as experimenter or intergalactic however, it is very relaxing to watch and makes for a very calming, soothing bath.
The bath bomb centre was slow fizzing, calming, simple and added to the golden yellow which the bath oil created, soking within this hydrating, slight glittery lagoon really is like bathing in liquid gold and rising from the glitter to smell just like toffee and caramel. After effects of the bath leave the glitter maintained on the body to give a slight highlight and natural looking glow, as well as the sweet toffee fragrance, which I thoroughly enjoyed though I do wish the bath bomb was a lot bigger, as it was last year.
The hype that surrounded this product made me feel slightly disappointed by in someways, but for a relaxing yet luxurious bath I do recommend the Golden Egg. To see this bath bomb in action and many others, you can view it on my instagram at "natiee_blogs"
Rating as a bath oil: 4/5
Rating as a Bath Bomb: 2/5



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