Wednesday, 4 May 2016

"Intergalactic" will take your brain to another dimension: Bath Bomb Wednesdays with Lush Cosmetics.

Hello my Lovelies,

I hope you are all fine, well and having a lovely week and that the rest of it is scrum-diddly-luscious!
For those of you who are new here, Welcome my name is Natalie and I have been blogging for a log period of time now... almost a year. Wow.
Upon doing my blog, I have become extremely passionate to (as best as I can) avoid using products or brands, which sell to China, owned by a mother company which tests or test on animals, it is against my beliefs that we should harm another living creature for the sake of vanity. Upon doing this, I have fallen head over heels in love with Lush cosmetics, who pride themselves on being against animal cruelty as well and to celebrate how wonderful Lush truly are I have been doing throughout this month "Bath Bomb Wednesday's" on my Instagram (@natiee_blogs) and in the second week of doing this, I was very much persuaded by the members of staff in Lush Plymouth to purchase "Intergalactic", which has quickly become one of my favourite bath bombs.
 Intergalactic is shaped in a beautiful blue bath bomb, with slight pink and yellow around it almost making it look like the northern lights, whilst its fragrance is light mint and quite refreshing. As it dissolves in the bath, quite therapeutic to watch the pink, white and yellow expel from the bath bomb to release a deep, dark lagoon blue bath with a slight sparkle, which really did take you into outer space.
As I entered the store to purchase this product whilst bringing the pots back, a lovely store assistant showed me how truly amazing this bath bomb can be when adding SunnySide bubble bar, it creates the very beautiful bath cocktail "mermaid's tail" which looks absolutely beautiful, the intergalactic alone is superb but the extra sparkle really does add something unique and the smell is a warm, mint, refreshing fragrance that definitely cleanses your body inside and out. In this case, I also saw another cocktail again by Lush Plymouth on their twitter, with the Intergalactic and Ladybird bubble bar, which deepened the blue, it added a slight berry refreshing fragrance and really complimented the fragrance from Intergalactic it was beautiful and all toxins officially destroyed. The mix of the mint to detoxify, cleanse and used in aromatherapy to refresh and relax the mind really does work along with the mix of popping candy, grapefruit oil and cedarwood oil offers a load of different benefits for skin and body from antiseptic, tonic to help tone up all organ systems and encourage detox through body functions to anti-inflammatory properties meaning your body gets the full works.

The water in the bath is absolutely spectacular being as dark as the night sky with the sparkle of the stars that make it absolutely beautiful and when leaving this out of this universe pamper planet, my skin was left feeling quite hydrated, clean and a slight sparkle to give the skin a natural highlight glow, which looks absolutely beautiful. The colours of the bath water along with the fresh grass, floral and mint-like-scent on the skin truly made me feel like a space mermaid and the scent was not overpowering on the skin, great for those who aren't keen on strong fragrances. The combination of the two was beautiful and I definitely recommend it, one of my favourite products and baths.

Rating: 5/5

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