Sunday, 22 May 2016

I'm blue though I should be purple (Da ba dee Da ba Hair-Dye?...) LA Directions "Violet Night" hair dye review.

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I hope you are ok, fine and having a fantastic week so far.
Those of you who have known me for years know very well that I am one for the crazy hair colours and have been since I left school, going to college at 16 (we're talking 7 years of crazy hair, that is dedication) so for the past 2 years I've just stuck to blonde hair but I never fully felt like myself.
Recently, I reverted back to a crazy colour, having in mind a Deep plum purple to lavender ombre as the aimed colour, I put my trust in La Directions, who seemed to work tremendously well for my friend, Becky Cook (Disney Polar). Usually for my crazy colours, I do tend to lean on Manic Panic just because I know they're a good brand, they're 100% vegan and their colours last well above the usual semi-permanent hair dyes, however, I thought to be a fair blogger it might be nice to gain a difference and go with a different brand.
LA Directions are vegetarian-friendly, founded in 1981 in U.K, which not only offers hair dyes but they also have products such as tattoo balms, shampoos, conditioners, toners and lightening kits. I have some of my manic panic pasteliser left over, so I figured that would do the lavender perfectly. You can purchase LA Directions from Tribal voice, Trudi's in Paignton and Blue banana, online or Hot Topic stores, the hair dyes require a minimum of 20 minutes in order to sink into the hair and work.
In the products defence, I did not bleach my hair before hand because it was already somewhat blonde aside from the roots, which I deemed to be ok as I wished for the hair to be darker at the roots and fall into lighter shades of purple until the tips were lilac to white.
 The image on the right is a rather vain selfie of my hair before I placed the dye on it, I figured it was a mousy blonde that might take the colour quite well, this one little slip up and thought lead to something that could be a recreation of a Laurel and Hardy sketch. Image the left after a slight trim and the purple dye was placed on is the outcome of the LA Directions violet night. The semi permanent dye did take on my hair quite well, leaving this purple tone for a few washes however, due to the hair not fully soaking up the colour, after one wash it soon came out and the colour seeped everywhere I was asleep, turning my white pillow cases a light blue colour. Obviously, being a purple there were blue tones within the dye, which as I washed the dye out it stained my head, neck and parts of the bath requiring a thorough bleaching afterwards. The brand are cruelty free and at a very affordable £5 a pot in comparison to Manic Panic at £9.99 a pot, with some of the colours that work on freshly bleached hair a lot better than it's taken on my hair.
Honestly, I really did not enjoy this hair dye for the fact that it went everywhere, the colour lasted 2-3 washes and soon became a green to blue hair colour, it stained my clothes and pillow cases whilst I was asleep. I would not repurchase anything from LA Directions in all honesty and I am more of a Manic Panic purchaser as when I did have bright blue hair, I had no issues with Manic Panic at all. I will gladly pay more for quality over value for money and manic panic being vegan friendly is massive bonus.
Rating 1/5.  

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