Wednesday, 11 May 2016

BANG! And the Fizz is on! "Fizzbanger" Bath Bomb Wednesday with Lush cosmetics!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are fine, well and having a lovely week so far. Today, I am back with another bath bomb review with Lush Cosmetics and it is a citrus, yellow, beauty under the name of "Fizzbanger". The reviews available to read on this blog are to go hand-in-hand with the "bath bomb Wednesday" on my Instagram.
Barry Scott can officially eat his heart out and watch all of his dirt or worries disappear, but even Cillit bang has nothing on this beautiful product; mostly because this is definitely intended for relaxation, cleanse and detox rather than scrubbing the bathroom or kitchen. Looking somewhat like a child's expectation of the sun, yellow and perfectly circular, very simple and plain but looks are very deceiving and the performance which comes inside this little ray of sunshine really is something to marvel. Upon touching the water, we see the outer edge slowly dissolve into the water leaving a creamy yellow to fill the bath and the bomb itself turns a yellow, white as the foam slowly spreads around the bath, casting a beautiful fresh fragrance up through the air and into our noses. Interestingly enough, although this product does not contain any lemon and actually has far more floral scents, I would say the product is a citrus fresh sort of fragrance this probably coming from the citrus oils, which seem to be quite overpowering and cast a shadow on the slight Ylang-Ylang and cinnamon leaf oils within the product, but that doesn't mean it's not a beautiful scent. Warming, brightening, and energy-lifting, upon placing this bath bomb into the water and the smells unleashing, I felt the tired bags under my eyes slowly cast away whilst the rest of my body slowly relaxed into the cleansing, deeply relaxing and revitalizing waters. Very slow fizzing when it was dissolving but the colours that all joined together were truly beautiful and leave you soaking in a very green and almost alien-like bath as the slow blue, mixes with the yellow and inside you can find a cute little note saying "Bang" just like the blackberry bath bomb, which was so adorable. Its scent is a lot stronger than the other bombs I used which meant a pure, deep cleanse and this was certainly felt as the ingredients within it contain high amounts of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and a deep cleanse into the pores pulling all toxins out the body.
Personally, I'm not overly fond of slow fizzers, but I have to admit I have a soft spot for the Fizzbanger, though it isn't my favourite product but it is very much what I would say, a summertime bath bomb. Very moisturising, the popping candy is not really heard of and the scent is very cleansing as well as the bath being very awakening. I would use this more so as a morning bath product than an evening relax unless I really felt I needed the detox.
Rating: 3/5

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