Sunday, 24 January 2016

Welcome to Carnevil - Circus of Horrors.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well and having a fantastic week. It is just one video this week my other one has to be checked before I can upload it so I do apologise. My friend, Becky, took me to see a show called "The Circus of Horrors" with McIver as well (her partner), there is about 20-30 minutes of me waffling but I decided I would let the show speak for itself. I really thoroughly enjoyed it, I was not expecting anything that happened within the show, I just expected a normal circus so in that respect it was fantastic and I strongly recommend you go to see it. Enjoy this video guys and I will see you all next week, have a good week my lovelies.

Tour Dates:
Britains Got talent Audition:
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"The latest incarnation ‘Welcome to the CarnEvil’ is set in Victorian London, the year 1899,  Jack the Ripper is still at large.
This is the age of the Freakshow.
A young girl dreams of running away to join the Circus, but her dream soon turns into a nightmare when she finds herself in a decrepit, corpse-ridden CarnEvil.
Killer Klowns, Sword Swallowers, Demon Dwarfs, Death Deifying Aerialists, A Guinness World Record holding Hairculian Diva swinging solely from her hair, back flipping and fire limboing acrobats plus lots, lots more. A show ruled by the undead and climaxing in an awesome flaming apocalypse."
Circus of horrors has had many TV appearances, being the only circus to get into the finals of Britain's Got Talent, performing in Japan at "The Fuji Rock Festival" and also becoming a West End hit. The Circus is currently doing its 21st-anniversary tour "Welcome to Carnevil".

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Canon IXUS160

Final Cut Pro X
Edited by myself.

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