Sunday, 3 January 2016

Stop Motion "Get Ready with me"

Hello, Everyone! 

I hope you are all well and welcome to 2016. 
I have been really excited about this video and I am so pleased I finally get to share it with you all. This is my first real Makeup video and I figured why not combine it with some of my favourite things? 
I decided to do my favourite sort of animation throughout the video, using stop motion. It was a very long process, I am not 100% sure on it, but I am a perfectionist so I may be more critical of my work than I should be. 

Those of you who have read my blog know that I try my best to use cruelty-free and animal-friendly makeup, this is to the best of my knowledge and research, if you find any of these products MAY test on animals, please comment below and thank you in advance for alerting me. I am aware that Body Shop are owned by L'oreal, who tests on animals, however, they have guaranteed and remained cruelty-free since they were bought by the mother company :). 

The music I have chosen is by one of my many FAVOURITE bands, Pianos become the teeth. The two songs selected are "Old Jaw" and "Repine" both are from their album "Keep you" which was released in 2014. 
They are such an emotional post-hardcore rock sound, in their previous album before they were the same kind of feel, with a more screamo vibe, but they decided to sing and tone down slightly on "Keep you". 
You can hear the emotion in his voice, in the instruments and this continues throughout the whole album, it is so so powerful and the words are incredible, I absolutely love it. They are an amazing band and I highly recommend you check them out. 


So here is a list of all the products I used, the music, Camera etc. If you enjoyed my first beauty video let me know and I'll keep them coming throughout 2016. 

Product List: 
Eyeshadow-Too faced Chocolate Pallette, shades "White Chocolate" and "Black Forest Truffle" 
Eyeliner-2true "Intense Black" liquid eyeliner. 
Mascara-Rimmel London "Wonderfull" 
Foundation-The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation in shade "Chelsea Porcelain 010" 
Concealer-Rimmel London "The Lasting one" in the shade "Ivory" 020. 
Powder-Bare Essential Original in the shade "Fair" C10 
Contour Kit-Seventeen "Define and Conquer" kit. 
Blusher-Seventeen "Cheek and Lip Stain Gel Tint" in the shade "Coral Crush" 

Dress: Vero Moda, Egypt. (Can not find it online, sorry) 
Boots: In Style UK, UK.  
Buy here:
Necklace: Ebay (searched "Galaxy necklace")

1st Song-Pianos become the teeth "Old Jaw" 

2nd Song-Pianos become the teeth "Repine" 

Download Keep You at: 

If you like "Keep you" try "Lack Long After": 

Canon 600D with an 18-55mm lens. 

Editing Software:
Final Cut Pro, edited by Myself on Macbook Pro. 

Thank you for watching :D ((:

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