Sunday, 17 January 2016

Book of the Month (February 2016)

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well! I have a love and admiration for books, so much so that I've decided to start a "Book of the month" series, (sorry I missed half of January).
If you really enjoy this video please give it a like and then I'll create one each month; this month's choice was a 2014 novel by Lynda La Plante called "Twisted" I did mention it in my written blog, but I wanted to discuss it in a little bit more detail. I hope you enjoy it.

"Amy Fulford, excellent pupil and gifted athlete at a girls' public school in Ascot vanishes one Saturday afternoon.
DSI Marsh runs the local missing person unit. He is responsible for overseeing the disappearance of Amy Fulford. But, as a late joiner and with only ten years of service, and a bullish DCS on his back, he tends to be unsure of himself.
While the spiral of media interest in the missing daughter of a well-connected couple heats up, the spotlight turns on the parents who are embroiled in a bitter divorce."


Music: Ben Sound Royalty Free "Cute"

Camera and Editing.
Canon D600 with 18mm-55mm lens.
Final Cut Pro edited by me.

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