Saturday, 9 January 2016

Georgie's Birthday!!

Hello, Everyone!

"2 pints of ginger beer I haven't actually drank that much!"
*5 seconds later the truth comes out*
2 pints of ginger beer, a few sips of JD...Oh AND a glass of wine! I don't think that's too bad"
In my defence, it was a small 2 sips and I was pretty much sober! Just extremely tired.

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the first week of 2016.
Apologies for the late delivery of this vlog, I was having issues with my editor, so this is a video from Georgie's 21st Birthday on Saturday 2nd January, we spent the entire evening in Apple and Parrot, I clearly forgot how much I drank and I don't look too attractive towards the end of the video-deepest apologies.

Real Rock did a fantastic job and they were fantastic, my sound quality does them no justice.
I hope you enjoy the video :)

Instagram: natiee_blogs

Final Cut Pro by me.

Canon IXUS160.

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