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LUSH Review!


LUSH Products up for Review: 
Volcano Foot Mask 
Karma Bath Bar
Stardust Bath bomb
New Shampoo Bar
Bubblegum lip Scrub.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well and having a fan-dabby-dosey day, I haven't done a LUSH cosmetics review in a while due to the fact there was none in Egypt, but since my return I have of course been to the Lush shop during their sales and picked up all the goodies I possibly could to treat myself this season. Some are the Christmas specials, which I hadn't had access to yet and others are all year round products, which we know and love.

Volcano Foot Mask Price: £6.75-Vegan Friendly!

After a hard day at work on your precious toes, there is sometimes nothing you want more than to soak your feet and relax, the Volcano foot mask offers just that and more. A blend of papaya, pumices, tomatoes, clay and potatoes can have many positive impacts on the skin and feet such as softening, removing dead skin cells, moisturises and deodorising the feet.
Papaya has been known for its qualities of vitamin A and papain, which are known to help remove dead skin cells, as well as the ability to help the healing process of cracked and sore heels. In combination with the qualities of grounded pumice stone, you can feel assured that your feet will be dead skin free and feeling soft, smooth and relaxed in a matter of 20 minutes. The china clay (also known as Kaolin) is the most gentle of all cosmetic clays, offering to assist dry skin without stripping the much-needed oils. Volcano foot mask is very kind to all skin types when gently washing it off my feet's previously hardened and the small amounts of dead skin were soon beautifully stripped away. The mask itself has a very strong, fire-like fragrance and my best recommendation in regards to making sure your foot mask doesn't spread everywhere is to place plastic bags on your feet, otherwise, bring a magazine or book with you to dangle your feet over the bathtub. However, although the product does fantastic wonders for the feet and heels, the size of the pot is only enough for two applications, which for the price I would like to have more than two sessions worth of foot mask; I would LOVE for a bigger tub to be available because seriously, I NEED A BIGGER TUB!
I am not normally a foot person and wouldn't normally go into the shop to hunt for things to take care of my feet, but this little beauty has become a necessity in my lush basket whenever I run low.
Rating 3/5. (because I want a bigger tub!) 

Karma Bubble bar: Price-£4.25 Vegan-Friendly! 

Karma's shimmery, beautiful pyramid of relaxation is a true gem and being far from Egypt it was a reminder of the home I made there (not just because it's a pyramid, it smelt like my home in 6th of October). The combination of lemongrass, patchouli oil, mango and orange oil leaves the soaking lushie feeling refreshed and renewed as the lemongrass oils sink into the skin. The smell rising in the steam works as an antidepressant, antiseptic and deodorant to leave you smelling "blooming lovely"; lemongrass has been known to improve self-esteem, mental strength and confidence. Whilst the orange oil contains the vitamin C, insecticide and sedative which allows your body to relax perfectly within the purple, glittering, bubble-topped bath. Karma was very crumbly after I originally just broke a small piece off, I don't enjoy too many bubbles in my bath but if you're addicted to bubbles, crumble the whole pyramid in and I promise you will be in for a treat; previously before I broke it, the bomb remained intact and was quite hard to break off.  This bath bar is perfect for those who like a little shimmer or glitter and need a long relaxation session at the end of the day. However, it did leave quite a mess in the bathtub afterwards due to how purple and glittery it was, I am not really 100% bothered by this as I always clean the bath afterwards. The smell was very strong and so if you enjoy or really need this relaxation aromatherapy then this bath bar will tick all your boxes. Alternatively, if you are looking for something with less bubble, I suggest if you really want it, simply break it up into smaller pieces; my skin after the use was left smelling fragrant for one whole day, which I find extremely impressive especially after sleeping and waking the next day.
Rating: 4/5  

Stardust bath bomb. Price: £2 (sale) (Right) 

Stardust's combination of vanilla, sea salt and rosewood leaves us with no surprises as to why this little star of wonder left the skin feeling soft and moisturised throughout the day. Placing this product straight in the bath, we could see the white beauty quickly turning into a light blue, which was fantastic and beautiful to see with the slight tinge of glitter; the smell was not overly powerful, but strong enough to enjoy the relaxing qualities of vanilla and rosewood.
The benefits of this lovely star are really felt as soon as you place your beautiful body into the waters, they literally offer you a milk-like hug; smooth and creamy so you can feel the real nourishment on the skin, the sea salt offering relaxation from muscle cramping, exfoliation and eliminating the roughness or inflammation in certain areas of the body, whilst the rosewood relaxes the mind, working as an anti-depressant. For the very small selection of festive goodies I grabbed from lush, this was one of my favourites because after relaxing in this bath, my skin felt so much smoother and softer to touch, the towel almost slid off. However, there was promised to be a certain amount of blue in the centre and as it dissolved in the bath, there was only towards the end slight hints of blue as oppose to all the way through, the bath water was left a baby blue colour as you could see from my Instagram post, but it still looked fantastic and this didn't ruin my experience with the bomb. Rating 5/5 

New shampoo bar (Left) Price: £5.95 Vegan-Friendly! 
New shampoo bar made its way over to Egypt with me after a recommendation from a Lush employee and I must say it has its perks. The cinnamon, peppermint, clove bud and rosemary infused circle provides the hair with essential oils it needs to help repair and grow, whilst exfoliating and soothing the scalp. Not 100% sure how to apply it the first time I purchased the product, so I would break a small amount of it off, rubbing it into my hair and scalp, which really did wonders and my scalp was very appreciative of this tender, love and care as the bead-like segments, exfoliated the scalp whilst the Rosemary and peppermint worked together to soothe the inflammation. Cinnamon within the product helps to keep hair on your head, preventing hair loss (although there is no solid evidence to prove this) whilst the rosemary helps to stimulate hair growth. Of course, as I was breaking bits off I lost some of the product in the breaking process and it was quite crumbly, but you can simply rub the product against your hands and then put the soap bubbles onto your head; personally, I wanted the exfoliation from the beads on my scalp because it felt fantastic. In regards to hair growth, during my time in Egypt the vitamin D from the Sun combined with this product, I feel helped my hair to grow quite quickly, remember it is important to have a trim once a month to help the hair grow alongside revealing it to vitamin D products and other growth-stimulating oils. Personally, I repurchased a second time to see whether it was the sun or the product that helped my hair growth, if you would like to see the results please let me know.
Rating 3/5

Bubblegum Lip scrub. Price: £5.50. -Vegan-Friendly. 

Smooth, sweet and sugary lips can be found when using this humble treat, Bubblegum lip scrub is the perfect start to your lip makeup regime and should definitely be one to consider before applying the balm, stick or gloss. During the winter time my lips always become extremely cracked and rough with a very "I'm close to cracking" kind of texture, so I decided to try using a lip scrub before my balm and stick applications to soften the lips, allowing a smooth application and it probably was one of the best decisions I made. After two uses of bubblegum, I could already see the sugary scrub had taken away any dead skin whilst the Jojoba oil moisturised and rejuvenated my lips. No cuts, no cracked-rough feeling, just simple smooth lips which have been a massive benefit to the final look of lipstick and gloss seeing as before the cracks in the skin made the lipstick look very unflattering. I recommend using a clean finger for application, perhaps wetting it slightly beforehand so the sugars will stay on the finger and you can apply it easier, be sure to dab it off or as it says on the website "eat it off" afterwards, otherwise you will have sugar with your gloss. I will definitely be buying more lip scrubs in the near future.
Rating: 5/5. 

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