Monday, 25 May 2015

Zombie Games event series: Charity events coming soon.

Zombie Games Training school.

Zombie training School: Torbay’s most realistic zombie event for zombie lovers
Zombie training School is an event brought to you by a professional team which includes make up artists and fully qualified drama teachers. We will train you to get down and dirty for the zombie games future events where you can inflict fear and panic on willing participants. This exhilarating experience day is the original zombie survival experience where you will be trained to hunt flesh, gurgle, spurt, splutter, stumble, limp, crawl and moan like a zombie.
Our team of zombie training school professionals will kit you out and make you up and our top class make up team will turn you into the walking dead. So prepare to spit up blood and join the ranks of the infected.
Zombie training School is the ideal event for couples and small groups. Participants can opt in and out of phases dependent on your abilities or wishes and will be five hours of action packed fun.
On arrival you will receive a welcome brief and sign a safety waiver. We advise all zombies to come along in old clothing and wearing a comfortable fitting pair of outdoor type boots or shoes.
You will then undergo Zombie School Training. This will be pure escapism forget the outside world and fully immerse yourselves in a world infested with zombies.
Trained Zombies will have the chance to participate in up to 4 short zombie films. Each film is carefully managed by our team of staff. Zombies can be as involved as much as they want to be. Some zombies may just want to moan from the side line, or scream from a car other zombies might want to get into the thick of it. We actively encourage a flair for the creative creatures amongst you.
Zombie training School is a kinetic, full on event there is a risk of slips, trips and falls; customers may have to deal with bloody realistic scenarios. Customers may be subjected to loud noise and dark, confined spaces.
You will need to wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty or damaged and either boots or suitable trainers. Due to the nature of the experience, we recommend bringing spare clothes for the journey home (being a zombie is a messy game!).
Zombie Games 5k Run: Blood, Sweat and Fears.

The Zombie Games blood, sweat and fears 5k charity fun run is South Devon’s scariest run designed to give you a one off experience that you will never forget.

Our events will take you over well known South Devon landmarks and turn them into zombie infested country side. The Zombie Games blood, sweat and fears charity fun run is an event designed to scare the masses and to get you running for your lives.
All runners will start with 3 lifebelts and your aim is to prevent our professionally trained, merciless and hungry zombies from pulling them off you and there will also be the added pressure of navigating your way around various obstacles. When you reach the safe zone at the end of the course you will be recognised as either a survivor (with at least one life belt) or infected (no lifebelts). You can attempt to complete the course however you choose, walk, sprint, jog or just let your fear and adrenaline lead the way. You can run alone or if you feel safety in numbers is more appropriate then feel free to sacrifice a friend or two!
The survivors will receive a survivors’ medal, and will have the option of having their picture taken with GO POSE photo booths to take away as memorabilia.
Participants are warned to expect your fair share of frights, surprises, screams and frantic dashes. There may be some trips, slips and bumps as Zombie survival can be a dangerous game…..Only the fittest will survive are you game?

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