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LUSH Cosmetics: review.

Up for review:
Space Girl bath bomb
Angels on bare skin face & body cleanser
Blackberry bath bomb
Catastrophic cosmetics face mask.
Dirty Soap bar. 

I have to admit, I am a sucker for LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics and every time I walk past one, my will power is very, very weak.
For a good 3 months, I have been ordering Lush products online and been overly excited about each delivery, to the point where I've waited at the door like an eager Scott Pilgrim. Yes, LUSH cosmetics are on the same level as Ramona Flowers. If you ever want to win a woman's heart, Lush is a good place to start.
I could tell you the history of lush, but like any excited Lush lover, I kind of just want to tell you how amazing these products are, because I'm too excited and eager to wait any longer!

Space Girl Bath Bomb-Price: £2.35.

The Space Girl bath bomb by Lush is one of my favourite bath bombs & is always in my Lush basket. This glittery, Saturn shaped, ball of fun is at an affordable, guilt free price I mean, £3 I can justify on a bath bomb, £4 for something to last a short while, hurts a little. This bath bomb is not pungent in smell, which is why it is one of my favourites.
The fruity fragrances due to the blend of ingredients with citric acid, grapefruit oil and bergamot oil as well as Almond oil, all contain a healthy batch of vitamins, which are great for the skin.
Dropping this Saturn ball into the bath, it quickly fizzes and dissolves, turning the bath a lovely deep violet colour, with a light fragrance. For me this works well, I am not a keen fan of a ball lasting ages in my bath tub, taking over my lovely relaxation space and overpowering smells in the bath often cause me to sneeze a lot. The fact it dissolves quite quickly, leaving me with a violet bath, light smell and time to enjoy my beautiful bubbles, makes it easier to unwind and enjoy the slight glittery effect from the bomb. Space girl is a favourite of mine, mostly because it leaves my skin lightly fragranced, fresh, slightly glittered and smooth.
The Almonds offering essential vitamins the skin needs, such as vitamins A, B and E, which help to improve complexion, retain glow, moisturise deeper and better, soothe skin irritation and inflammation, relieve dry and irritated skin whilst nourishing the skin, making it softer and smoother. Whilst the grapefruit oil contains excellent anti-oxidants, which help protect the body from toxins and oxidants such as premature ageing, degeneration of tissues, macular degeneration and mental and physical sluggishness. Obviously, the bath bomb won't do all this in one use, but it is out of this world.
If you aren't a keen fan of strong smelling bath bombs, very subtle use of glitter and violet baths-this is the bomb for you. A personal favourite!
Rating: 4/5

Angels on Bare Skin-Price £6.75 (per 100g).

Angels on bare skin is exfoliating and yet completely gentle on the skin, I feel it is perfect if you have sensitive skin and smells absolutely divine. Upon receiving all my LUSH cosmetic goodies, I could not wait to try this one, especially after reading all the positive reviews about it online. I soaked my face with some hot water to open the pores, took a tiny bit out of the pot into my hand, then using my fingertips, rubbed gently into the skin in circular motions, before washing off with cold water. The first thing I noticed about the product when I started rubbing it into my skin, was how the sandy, exfoliating texture of the cleanser helped to remove the dead skin and clean my face. At the same time, it felt relaxing, gentle and smooth on the skin, not harsh or harmful. In fact it was such a nice, pleasant feeling on my face, I applied another lot of it before washing it off.
The smell of the product was a strong smell of lavender, which was very relaxing and calming, for both my nose and my skin. After washing it off, the cleanser left my skin feeling soft after the first use and within a few weeks, my skin is a lot clearer, calmer and a lot smoother.
The only problem I found with LUSH cleansers, is they cause quite a mess in my bathroom, they're quite soft and crumbly in texture, so they fall apart fairly easy. Now, my sink is side ways, so me in the bathroom trying to wash my face is a mess anyways and the hot tap doesn't work, so I have a shower type tap instead. The water gets absolutely EVERYWHERE so when trying to apply a cleanser as well, you can only imagine.
Angels on Bare skin has worked wonders at exfoliating and cleansing. It's calming on the skin and has really cleared it up from the countless spots it had previously.
Rating: 3.5-4/5
(only because of the messiness in the bathroom, partly to do with the placing of sink. Partly to do with the crumbles.)

Blackberry Bath Bomb-Price £3.25

The mix of the ingredients in this bad boy are used in aromatherapy to banish depression, anxiety and stress into another dimension and the bath bomb does exactly that.
Upon placing Blackberry Bath Bomb into the bath, it slowly began to dissolve and the smell was relaxing and relieving. How does it work? The Bergamot essential oils components such as Alpha Pinene and Limonene are antidepressant and stimulating. The hormonal impact this oil has on the hormones is what makes it so powerful over the neurological and mental conditions, the oil helps to improve circulation around the body creating a feeling of joy, freshness and energy. Furthermore, the oil assisting with hormonal secretion means the metabolic rates are properly maintained, a.k.a. your body is able to extract energy from food effectively.
The bath turned a gorgeous violet purple colour and the smell was beautiful, my body instantly felt super relaxed almost like I received a massage and it was the most relaxed I felt in a while. It left my skin feeling soft, smelling good and I felt super refreshed afterwards. One of my new favourites!
Rating: 5/5

Catastrophic cosmetics face mask-Price £6.50
The use of blueberries in this face mask means you may literally want to eat your face. The mask offers the same effect as the Angels on bare skin cleanser, calming & relaxing for the skin, working wonders on the face. I have used the face mask 3 times since purchasing, the beauty about these masks coming in a pot, is that you do not have to use the whole packet instantly. The first thing I notice after leaving the face mask in the fridge and taking it out to apply it, is the layer of liquid coming out of the face mask. This is because LUSH's face masks are made from all natural products, so the juices leave the product and need to be mixed in properly before applying to the face. I clean my hands and mix it in as best as possible with my fingers, the face masks from lush are fairly thick but I think this offers good potential for it to last a lot longer, so although you may think £6.50 is a lot for a face mask for how long they last, it is worth every penny.
Catastrophic cosmetics face mask gives off a beautiful smell of blueberries, begins to tingle after 5 minutes of leaving the face mask on, which in my head, means it's working its magic! It should be noted that "all magic comes with a price though dearie" but in this case, Rumpelstiltskin's catch phrase has no meaning here. This face mask offers no down sides, the thickness means its easy to apply without the risk of mess in the bathroom and after use, my skin definitely felt a lot softer, calmer and more relaxed. Furthermore because the mask comes in a pot, it lasts a lot longer and the facials can last to your hearts content... until it runs out.
Rating: 4/5

Dirty Soap Bar-Price £4.10
This minty bar of joy is fabulous. The Dirty Soap bar belongs to the (as named of course-duh!)
Dirty range by LUSH, other Dirty products include Dirty Spring wash shower gel, Dirty solid perfume, Dirty hair cream, Dirty body spray, Dirty shaving cream, Dirty toothy tabs and the Dirty Soap.
Now, these products, as Lush puts it "were designed for men, but loved by all" and I can definitely agree with this statement.
Dirty soap bar has a subtly minty, refreshing smell to it, which reminds me of the clean sea air, walks on the beach and a good, clean, well groomed man, who obviously knows where to shop. The bar is a medium shade of blue, with a hint of sparkle and does not have any packaging, other than the paper bag it is delivered in.
I am not normally a fan of soap bars I will admit it. I only started buying soap bars, when my amazing boyfriend bought me a lovely Strawberry bath gift set from Aroma Bella (Torquay-but they do have a shop online) for Christmas, containing a lovely strawberry, sweet smelling soap bar, which is now all gone.
I have been loving soap bars, more so then shower creams,  ever since which is how this bar of soap wound up in my basket and try list. Dirty Soap bar was rubbed and wetted onto my sponge and scrub stick, lathered all over body and it left my skin feeling refreshed, smooth and instantly clean. I look forward to every single bath or shower even more so, knowing I get to use this product however the shimmery like glow in the bar, does not rub off on your body. But that is ok with me!
Dirty soap is a favourite bar of mine for its refreshing fragrance and the way it soothes, smooths and cleans my skin, leaving it fabulous.
Rating: 5/5 

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