Monday, 18 May 2015

Since when was Social media a form of fact?

Something that is semi-bothering me a little bit is the idea that for anything about our lives to be true, it has to be published on social media.
From moving out, getting into a relationship, whether you got that job, what diet you are on, whether you are doing exercise or not etc. if it's not on a form of social media, you don't have it, aren't doing it or won't be doing it.

Now I won't lie to you, I like sharing things which make me happy or things which I see as an achievement, online on social media networks.
I like to be proud of what I have achieved, bought or done and I like to share it.
So Yes I am very aware that I am a walking, talking hypocrite.
I use social media to procrastinate from what I should be doing 60% of the time.
I know I'm doing it, I don't enjoy doing it, I don't enjoy the fact I feel the need to conform to this "If it isn't online, you're not doing it" ideology because it's not the case. I believe very highly that sometimes, it's nice to have privacy, especially when it comes to things between me and other people.

No, I don't take loads of selfies when I'm out with friends or when I'm with my partner, because I'm too busy enjoying their company, to even think about taking a photograph. It is also partly the fact I am extremely self-conscious and I don't like my photo being taken, if I do have a photograph taken I often pull a face or I'm on my own so I can edit it until all my flaws have disappeared.

Now I'm not saying anyone that takes selfies isn't having a fun time, nor am I saying they don't appreciate the people they are with.

I'm just saying you don't all need to know what people are up to constantly and sometimes it's nice to have private memories with your friends.
Sometimes it's nice to just have time with those people and not share it with everyone else on your social media profile.
Sometimes it's nice to just think "I am the luckiest girl to be surrounded by such amazing people" without having a notification, from someone I barely see, confirm that thought with their like or comment.

Because sometimes, it's nice when it's just me appreciating what I have and enjoying the privacy I have with these people.

Not everything has to be published online for it to be official or for it to mean something, sometimes things can be kept private. The internet is not fact, in fact, half of it is fiction. 

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