Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Dear You

Dear You,

let me start by telling you just how terrific you are. You are simply great, because you got out of bed this morning, you got in that shower or you skipped the shower and went for breakfast, you had that morning hot drink, you put your clothes on, you remembered to feed your pet and you left the house.
You are simply great because in spite of the fact that really you wanted to sit in bed, watch another episode of Gilmore Girls, Rick and Morty or Orange is the new black, you put one foot in front of the other and spent another day making dollar.
You held your head up higher than ground and continued to make small talk with colleagues even though you were probably imagining a million and one other conversations you would rather be having, like telling your pet how great they are and no one else understands you.
You are truly amazing! 

Keep it up!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

"Dora the Explorer on Steroids" Plymouth Bloggers Meet 2016

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all fine, well and having a lovely week so far!

Apologies for the lack of videos, I have a few to edit and upload however I haven't got round to it yet as I've been working over time to save for some wonderful adventures I'll hopefully be taking you on next year.

A combination of all the footage I gathered from the Plymouth Bloggers meet in May, I had such a wonderful time and I want to say a massive thank you to Ellie for organising the event, it was wonderful to meet fellow bloggers. I will leave a link to all of their blogs for you to follow below :) Thank you so much

Natiee blogs xox

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Letting Go never felt so easy, the cold never bothered me anyways! Bath Bomb Wednesdays with Lush Cosmetics.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all fine, well and having a lovely week so far; If not, then I think this review will help you let things go in a very Frozen, blue, winter wonder and relaxed oasis. It is that time of week again and still being on the Lush Cosmetics range, today we're going to review the Disney movie inspired bath bomb that taught us all the importance of letting it go and blue, calm waters; Frozen Bath Bomb.
 Deeper light blue middle with a ice, light blue to the top and bottom, you could almost tell instantly that as this dissolved in the bath water, the middle would unleash this blue icy blast whilst the ice-cold light blue top and bottom layers create the bubble, milky and moisturising gloss top finish on the bath water, almost creating a look of frozen ice and snow within the bath; the glitter shimmer adding to the magic of this bath bomb. Upon placing the bath bomb in gently, the bomb was of medium-slow fizzing as the light blue dispersed across the bath water with a glitter like glow, almost looking like Elsa's dress-train from in the movie. In terms of on the glitter scale, this one does not have much of a glitter factor to it just a small amount to make it look like a icy lagoon, which to me was an appealing factor although recently I am very much enjoying the glitter bath bombs.
During it's winter-in-the-middle-of-summer performance, Frozen unleashed a beautifully minty, calming and cool, fresh breeze air around the bathroom being someone who enjoys the winter and Autumn season, the aroma did feel like a warm, comforting and refreshing hug from an old friend. The unique blend of Grapefruit, Rose water and Neroli oil's are known for their many benefits such as  an anti-depressant,  anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, reducing redness, treating eczema, acne and dermatitis, whilst the Neroli oil acts as a bactericidal, sedative and tonic substance meaning it restores physical and mental well being. You are looking at something that will not only beat the blues, it will blast you right out of them and leave the bather feeling refreshed, renewed and perhaps they'll burst out that bathroom screaming "LET IT GO!" I know that when I left this bathroom I did feel like a Queen, ready to rule her kingdom. All pains, redness, irritation and foul mood was lifted, whilst my sense of smell was left feeling calmed and floral. I think in terms of a cocktail, this bath bomb would go beautifully with Butterball, Milky bar or Sunny side bubble bar because although the bath bomb did lift my mood, my skin was left feeling quite rough and dehydrated. I bathed for as long as I usually do at an hour and twenty minutes, I would love for this bath bomb to have more of a moisturising feel which I somewhat expected since the bath bomb had a very white and milky release. I would however, still repurchase this bath bomb although I may combine it with other moisturising products and for the price of the product being more expensive than the other bombs, I was hoping it would tick all the box, but perhaps I have an overly high standard as above all I did enjoy this bath though I didn't enjoy the way my skin felt afterwards.
Rating: 3/5 
Price: £4.95


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Transfiguration lessons: Turning your Bath into a Yoga mat! Bath Bomb Wednesdays with Lush Cosmetics.

Hello one and all,

I hope you are all fine, well and having a lovely week so far if you haven't come here before, my name is Natalie and I do regular blog posts on cruelty-free beauty products, makeup, books and TV shows. Today I am back with another bath bomb Wednesday, we are STILL in Lush cosmetics range (so many to try and there is so much more to come during Halloween and Christmas as well, I can not wait!) with today's little beauty taking me on a complete journey that in all honesty, I was not expecting but this quickly grounded, calmed and shot straight up to being one of my favourite bath time experiences ever; transformed my bath into my yoga mat, the Yoga Bath Bomb is an orange delight that I will be repurchasing without a doubt.
   I combined the orange ball of sunshine with 1/4 of Brightside bubble bar to add some citrus awakening to the relaxing freshness and the two scents really did compliment each other very well. The Zesty citrus like fragrance from Yoga Bath bomb worked extremely well with the fragrance from Brightside, giving the bath a very grounding, cleansing and calming feel which instantly uplifted and detoxed the mood from all negative emotions, like a 30 minute Yoga session done within a few moments of making the bath bomb. The yoga bomb having slightly dots of blue and pink with glitter dusting on the outer layer was just a sneak peak of the phenomenal show inside the bath bomb that would instantly calm the user as the watch the colours disperse.
As Yoga bomb touches the water, the sodium bicarbonate helps to create a milky outer layer that sits beautifully on top of the bath water as the bath bomb slowly dissolves, leaving small amount of bubbles and unleashing the fragrance for a long time around the bath. The moisturising qualities from the milky bubbles can be felt during the bath and afterwards, feels like a constant cuddle from the bath bomb itself to ground you back to Earth in a slow, compassionate way and whilst releasing the milky white bubbles, which makes it look like the sun, slowly the bath bomb begins to release more colour and display a show that instantly calms the bather as we see the yellow, purple and blue oasis sitting beautifully on top of the water with the added glitter shine. It was a very slow performer but absolutely beautiful to watch and extremely calming with all the colours stimulating the visual needs, whilst the scent of sandalwood offers an earthy fragrance known in aromatherapy for its mental clarity, relaxing and soothing, as well as being known to decrease blood pressure and is great in assisting those with endometriosis, by relieving the pain as an anti-inflammatory.
As well as Sandalwood, the Yoga bomb contains other beautiful oils and ingredients with many health benefits such as Olibanum (also known as Frankincense) works as an anti-wrinkle, scar, wound or acne remedy, great for digestion and relieves the body from pain whilst also being a beautiful tool to help cure the common cold or flu; this bath bomb ticks all the boxes for those who enjoy a show, need a calming, relaxation and body detox to bring them back to Earth.
Once it's dissolved, the bath was left with a beautiful orange and glitter filled lagoon, that made enchanting waters and felt like you stepped inside a lava lamp with an aromatherapy fragrance of citrus, floral and earth like nature that helped to cleanse and uplift the mood as if by magic. Skin after the bath was left feeling soft with a small amount of glitter remaining on the body and it definitely felt well moisturised and my mood was left uplifted; raised like a phoenix so overall, I will definitely be buying this bath bomb again and I thoroughly enjoyed this bath.
Rating: 5/5 
Price: £3.95

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Everyone wants to AVO-bath! Bath Bomb Wednesdays with Lush Cosmetics.

Hello One and All,

It has been a while since I posted, mainly because I have been doing a lot more self-love and care these days with working out at the gym, counselling and seeking support as well as career-focused. Today, I have some time to write up the next 12 bath bombs that I have tested, in particular, is probably a symbolism of exactly what I have been needing in the last few weeks. Put the water on, get naked and AVO-Bath.

Available all year round, this green little amigo is a friend to those in need of relaxation, energising and refreshing after a tiresome and long day. Fresh, citrusy and at the same time a sea-salt fragrance making it relaxing; almost like a warm hug from an old friend as you step into the bath, that just intensely and instantly relieves stress, pain. Beautiful, big and green when first gracing eyes on it although simple and not as extravagant as the others like Golden Egg, I would seriously recommend this bomb to who needs to unwind. A mix of the Lemongrass, bergamot oils, olive oil and fresh avocado each having its own benefits, relieves the body of stress, anxiety, anti-oxidant, unclogged pores, enhanced exfoliation, filled with vitamin C and E and filled with moisturising qualities.
When placing it into the water, it is a very quick fizzer and the fragrance was unleashed instantly, something which was greatly appreciated after a 7-hour shift constantly on my feet. Softly turning the water into a green-blue I was pleasantly surprised by this bath bomb and did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did.
My skin when I left this green, relaxing lagoon in a bath, my skin had a slight glitter shimmer, it felt soft, hydrated, moisturised with all aches gone and any anxiety relieved, leaving me feeling relaxed and sleepy.
Rating: 4/5 would repurchase. 

Friday, 24 June 2016

Hello Bath, Hello Lush Ro-Ro-Ro-Ro-Rose Bombshell! Bath Bomb Wednesday's with Lush Cosmetics.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all fine, well and having a fantastic week so far, welcome back to another Bath Bomb Wednesday and we're still in Lush cosmetics with a mother's day special that will make anyone feel like a beauty queen or like they're laying in a bed of roses (to quote Bon Jovi). Although this isn't available anymore in store, I purchased this bath bomb within a Lush Cosmetics group and when you do things like that, I do suggest you use it as soon as possible because once it is no longer fresh, there is a chance the product will not perform as well as they usual would.
Rose Bombshell is beautifully decorated with rose flowers on it beautiful, pink round physique, a purple like centre that's filled with Rose petals (see me make this bath bomb into a Shower cream). The scent of the bath bomb is very close to Rose Jam however, it seemed to have its own unique twist which I couldn't quite place.
I felt it was much more floral than Rose jam or the Rose jam bubbleroon, which is much sweeter and subtle where as Rose bombshell is very much more rose fragrance. Known for their moisturising, nourishing and balancing the skin tone, cancelling out redness to even out tone and take away any signs of inflammation, the Rose oils and petals within this bath bomb, really did tick the boxes leaving my skin soft, even in tone and moisturised as well as having a relaxing and nurturing impact, turning your water into a pink love lagoon.
Rose bombshell when it was placed gently into the water was very quick fizzing and subtle in scent, though not very frothy so if you're hoping for more bubbles and froth I would recommend combining this bath bomb with Rose Jam shower gel, Rose jam Bubbleroon or I can imagine it would go very well with pop in the bath, big bang, milky bar, butterball or a snow-fairy or no fragrance scented bath product, leaving the body feeling sweet and soft whilst adding that froth and complimenting the rose.
When I entered the bath, did feel like I was entering Barbie's dream bathtub, in spite of their being petals already which are released in the middle of the bomb, I decided to add more petals to increase moisture, fragrance and add more affection or personal touch to the bath which definitely helped me relax so much more. Does it meet my criteria for a "Mum" bath? I would say yes it does, it's nurturing, comforting, relaxing, with a floral rose aroma making it a great mother's day present.
The skin when I departed from this bath was stained with the subtle Rose Jam fragrance, extremely smooth, evened my skin tone, well moisturised and all dry areas on my body quickly became soft, dropped off and were no longer existent.
If you are not keen on a floral, sweet scent then this is not a bath bomb for you but for myself personally I will probably repurchase this item if it makes a comeback next year because of the positive effects and subtle fragrance, which it left my skin with. However, despite all this, it is not one of my all time favourite bath bombs from their seasonal/special occasion collections.

Rating: 3/5 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Suffering from wonder lust? You will after this bath beaut: Golden Wonder review. Bath Bomb Wednesdays with Lush Cosmetics.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all fine, well and having a lovely week so far this week. Back again with another sensual bath for you all, this time with a Christmas special. You might ask how I am getting a hold of these right now? People are still selling some of these on Lush Facebook groups, two of which I am a part of and it's fantastic for getting your hands on limited edition bath bombs or goodies, which may have been in the kitchen and you missed the chance or they were on special time and you missed that opportunity; it's also a fantastic way to make new friends. You should know the drill by now but just in case, my name is Natalie, I have been doing blogs for the past year and "Bath bomb Wednesdays" on Instagram for the past two months on natiee_blogs and in today's review, we have the one that started my best friend, Chloe, off into her lush loving phase, the Golden Wonder bath bomb.

I combined this relaxing beauty with a sample of Yellow Fun kindly given to me by the lovely Chloe (thank you my dear!) and they are given in these very generous sample sizes, but we'll do a small focus on that later on. Golden wonder is as you can see, shaped like a Christmas present and it really is a delightful present. Again, similar to the Golden egg I feel like this is another bomb that has decreased in size, but great things come in small packages (you don't have to laugh at my terrible puns, I'll do that for you). At the price of £3.95, this bath bomb is definitely worth your money, very relaxing and certainly leaves a one of a kind impression on you. I did have the misfortune of dropping mine before I placed it in the bath, though I did my best to keep it together but this may effect my overall judgement of the bomb as it may spoil the performance, it was still a whole bath bomb and I still thoroughly enjoyed this bath.
A blend of cognac, gardenia extract, lime oils and orange oils are a fantastic, sweet, floral and fragrant combination inviting Christmas into the home in the warmest way, whilst being combined with cream of Tartar gives the bath bomb and many of the bubble bars, their frothy and snow-like bubbles that land beautifully on top of the light, winter-frost blue waters. The smell which rose from the steam, winter warm bath greeted my nose and senses with a gentle, baby oil and body wash fragrance, definitely more calming, moisturising and nourishing, exactly what you need when being revealed to the winter elements. When placing into the water, I saw a gentle yellow, blue and white expel and dance around with the bathwater, creating a frosty like blue with glitter shimmer to add highlight and healthy glow to the body and with a combination of small stars, adds to this winter night bath in the middle of May (I know, bizarre).
This is a bath bomb I would recommend to have in the winter over summer, to use just before bed, it's rejuvenating, refreshing, Christmassy and warming in all areas of its ingredients and in bath experience. I personally, didn't find an overload of bubbles within my bath, which I enjoyed as I don't like to smother in bubbles. Soft, gentle and relaxing soak leaving the water falling off the skin in a fast motion from the softness this product has left the skin and the fresh feel lasted a very long time. My mood was lifted, relaxed and a lot more pleasant after a stressful day, I highly recommend when this bath bomb returns.
Rating: 5/5