Friday, 18 September 2015

I have moved to Egypt!

Hello my Mad Natters!

Hope you have been keeping well, I apologise for the lack of posts but due to an amazing job opportunity, I have moved to Egypt.
Writing reviews for beauty products around this area is fairly tough, my internet isn't always working, makeup and skincare products are very expensive but the most heartbreaking news of all is, THERE IS NO LUSH COSMETICS! (Luckily I stocked up before I left)
BUT I am however having a fantastic time, I am enjoying my new career as a Primary school Teacher, I have met some truly fantastic people and I look forward to sharing all these experiences with you soon.
Awaiting my first pay slip then I'll show you all the beautiful apartment, locations etc.
Right now, I have some marking to do so TaTa for now my lovelies!

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