Friday, 18 September 2015


As you know I haven't written much online due to moving to Egypt, but I have been writing in my journal for myself. I want to share with you a piece that I've written, since living in Egypt I have found my confidence growing a lot, myself growing a lot and my anxiety shrinking a lot. So I want to share with you a short piece of "poetry" if you wish to call it that, called "Security." 

Security does not come from a place.
It does not live, eat, sleep or breath in the same home
you live, eat, sleep or breath.
It does not live behind locked doors, closed windows
or metaphorical walls we tell ourselves we hide behind.

Security does not come from a person.
It does not come from the arms of the man or woman
that holds you, does not come from your mother holding your hand.
It does not live in your friend, your neighbour
or that soul mate you're so eager to find.

Security comes from belief, comes from you.
It comes from knowing in the darkest of times
there will come a blinding dawn.
It comes from knowing that the arms around you
will stay with you because you're worthy of love.

It comes from lonely dinners that feel
overcrowded, from long walks with the wind holding your hand,
from nights of spreading on your double bed
and enjoying every minute of solitude.
Security comes from yourself and yourself,

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