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Animal Cruelty free (to the best of my knowledge) Replacement Make up Extravaganza part 2!

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In my previous but most recent post, I listed a load of brands that were cruelty-free, some questionable as to keep with laws in China they test on certain products or their mother company is owned by an animal testing company and I have done a blog post of all my replacement skin care products.
To follow up with that, like the majority of conversions of course, we clear out the old and bring in the new, so I recently went on a massive haul to convert to animal cruelty free cosmetics, to the best of my knowledge and excessive research. Interestingly, I found it quite fun to hunt for at the same time, fairly difficult with a lot of brands being owned by other brands, who test or sell to China.
I raided every Boots, Superdrug, Debenhams and Hoopers I could find so without further ado, I bring you my new beauty toys. We'll end with makeup, shall we? Yeah, go on then!


From the Top-Left & Down. (Like you're reading an English book!) 
Seventeen Miracle Matte Primer 
Barry M Flawless Light Reflecting Concealer. 
Barry M Brow Kit Shape and Define.
Seventeen Define and Conquer contour kit. 
No7 Translucent Perfect light Pressed Powder. 
Lush Colour supplement in shade Jackie Oates. 
Seventeen Cheek & Lip Stain Gel tint in shade Coral Crush. 
Superdrug B. Stunning Vibrant eye shimmer in 098 Poseidon. 
Seventeen Stay Pout! Lipstick in the shade "Going Steady."
Barry M Matte Me up Lip Crayon in the shade "On the Frow" (I believe).
Younique Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Matte in the shade "Corrupted."
Too faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette. 
Barry M Bold white Waterproof eyeliner. 
Rimmel London eyeshadow stick in colour "Hydrofuge" 
Superdrugs 2true effortless liquid Eyeliner in Black. 
Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara. 
Younique 3D Moodstruck Fibre Lash Mascara. [Please see separate review]

Seventeen Miracle Matte Primer-Price: £4.99 (Boots)
Seventeen miracle matter primer does not quite give "Porefessional" by Benefit a run for its money, but it comes pretty damn close for 1/5th of the price! I switched from the Benefit primer to Seventeen's matte primer as Benefit sell their cosmetics in china, therefore, tested on animals. SO as an alternative I found the Seventeen primer whilst browsing boots, it's a small tube which surprisingly lasts an awfully long time and the smallest amounts stretch quite far.
Miracle matte primer is oil-free, taking away any chance of oils making an appearance on the face, when applying the primer to my skin I found it immediately decreased the shine and left my face feeling soft as ever, it especially worked well when I used the product with "Deadsea Spa Magik Beauty Balm BB Cream" my make up refused to budge the majority of the day, plus my skin had a very soft look and slight glow. However, miracle matte working alone, I found that within a few hours my makeup had indeed already melted away, it kept my makeup on for a few hours but come to the end of a 12 hour shift, like with most makeup and primers-I was bare, red-faced.
The Seventeen matter miracle primer works wonders at banishing the shine, for a solid 10 hours perhaps it's because my job is fairly physically demanding at times, therefore causing me to sweat a great deal more. The primer keeps off the shine for the same amount of time as it keeps the makeup and so for just £5 that is well within it's means.
Rating: 3/5.

Barry M Flawless Light Reflecting Concealer-Price: £4.49 (Boots)
Barry M is a favourite brand of mine for certain things, it crushed my heart when they discontinued a majority of their dazzle dust. The reflecting concealer is a hit and miss with me, I love the fact it reflects the lights off my flaws and it definitely covers my spots, taking away their redness. Again, the only problem I have when it comes to concealers is it does not cover the bags under my eyes very effectively. Perhaps I should try a concealer which is specifically designed to cover under eye bags, sadly when I have previously tried them before they haven't worked well but back to the concealer in question.
In covering spots and other flaws on the skin, this is a godsend! It has worked wonders and it most definitely reflects the light, adding brightness to the face as well as reflecting away from the flaws on the face. It covers up spots, takes away the redness and it smells amazing. The extract of aloe vera and cucumber means that it soothes the spots as well as covers the redness-giving flawless complexion and calming spot repellent ingredients. I recommend this concealer to cover spots and flaws, however in regards to dark under eye bags it is not thy friend.
Rating 4/5.

Barry M Brow Kit Shape and Define-Price: £5.99 (Boots)
Brow kit shape and define by Barry M was a product recommended to me by my mama B! I have to say, for someone who isn't that much of a brow fan well this definitely changed my mind and showed me the difference defined brows can make on the face. The Barry M Brow kit comes with little tweezers, an angled brush and blender brush, coloured wax, brow powder and highlighter, all tools you need to have those brows "on fleek" as my sister says (whatever I'm down with the kids now cause I used that term!). First, tidying up any loose hairs on the face I personally used my own tweezers because I have big hands, being totally honest and the tiny tweezers aren't my friend. The next step is to grab the angler side and gently dabbed into the wax then apply to the brow, following the shape of your brow and tidying up any stray parts. Using the angle brush, dab the brow powder and then apply to eyebrows. Follow the main shape of the brow, with the blender brush I use for the highlight, apply under the brow and just above to add more tidiness, shape and reflect the light. I am not a brow expert, so do not quote me but this is how I have been using it.
The Brow kit lasts all day, offering tidy and defined brows making you look fierce and tidy.
Rating 5/5. 

Seventeen Define and Conquer contour kit-Price: £4.99 (Boots) 
I swear by this contouring kit, it's the first one I purchased but it's so pigmented and defining it's incredible. Seventeen Define and Conquer contour kit comes with a highlighter and bronzer, plus instructions on how to contour, the key to contouring is knowing what the shape of your face it and matching the shading plus highlighting, to bring out those beautiful cheekbones and face shape. I actually learnt how to contour from a post on Pinterest, I have a fairly long round face, using an angled blush brush I use bronzer from this kit and make a 3 shape-start from the top of the face near the hairline on the right side, bring the brush around the edge and down under the cheek bone, back up and down along the jaw line. I normally do two strokes and then follow through with blending a very important step then do the same on the left side, again blending afterwards. The define and conquer kit really gives shape to my cheekbones and face, making it appear less long or round and more defined. The highlighter goes across the T-zone, just on the cheekbones and the under eyes, giving a look of an awaken complexion and healthy glow, remembering to blend well, I only put the smallest dot of blush on top with the cheek stain. Define and Conquer contour kit at £5 is an amazing value for money.
Rating: 5/5 

No7 Translucent Perfect light Pressed Powder-Price: £14.50 (Boots) 
No7 translucent perfect light pressed powder is a perfect make up setter and finisher. This light powder literally feels like you aren't wearing anything on your face, however it does mattify and rid any final shines that may appear on the face. The pressed powder gives a lovely, even and fair coverage, in particular on days when you just need a light coverage. The powder does need to be reapplied during the day and it is fairly pricey, but it does offer good coverage, sets the make up and softens the face blurring all imperfections and any uneven skin tone, for a powder which is close to transparent or so it appears. It gives a natural, flawless finish. The product comes with a mirror and tiny powder sponge, I advice when applying the powder to brush down so the face hairs don't stand up and its even. Yes, we have transparent face hair which is what makes us so fluffy and cute...sometimes, the No7 powder is good for oily skin as it offers a nice matte finish, reflects the light and makes the skin look flawless. 
Rating: 4/5

Lush Colour supplement in shade Jackie Oates-Price: £9.50 (Online) 
"Jackie oates" is a gem of a colour supplement/foundation when all you need is a light coverage. Lush cosmetics have entered the world of make up and I am grateful! Finding a decent foundation, which doesn't test on animals, is proving at present to be a challenge but this little beauty entering my life, with its beautiful I personally think watermelon like smell. The colour supplement is the closest I have found to my pale skin, it matches perfectly without any orange or funny coloured mishaps, evens the skin perfectly and as I said, light coverage. Now, I am a lushie I adore lush with all my heart and soul, there is just some tiny problems with this product. I do my usual skin care regime of "angels on bare skin" cleanser, "Burt's bee's radiance toner" and "No7 Daily Essential day cream" followed by the application of my "seventeen matte primer" before applying Jackie Oates. Jackie Oates offers a light coverage, so on the days where I need something to pull through and hide all the flaws, this doesn't quite cut it, the foundation itself does not last all day, it tends to come off quite quickly and I found it lasts a maximum of 5 hours before needing to reapply. I don't like to reapply my foundations, because I feel as though I'm clogging my pores. The ingredients within Jackie Oates there are a selection of approximately five which are all natural ingredients, and these oils or natural ingredients do give the product it's nice smell and allows the skin to breath, it doesn't give the desired stay foundation that I would personally like. Maybe perhaps a fault of my primer? Maybe a fault of Jackie oates? I love Lush's products but this isn't a favourite of mine, it is calming, it is cool on the face but it doesn't last all day coverage.
Rating: 3/5

Seventeen Cheek & Lip Stain Gel tint in shade Coral Crush-Price: £4.99 (Boots) 
A little of this goes a long way, which makes this a wonder product in my eyes for the money because that means it lasts 20x longer. Seventeen is a good brand and close coming a favourite especially when on a budget, the Cheek and Lip stain gel at first reminded me of something I had as a 5 year old in those "first make up" kits you have, but hear me out, when you know how it works, it's a good product. Before this, the only other stain product I used was "Benetint" by Benefit and that came with a brush, however, Seventeen's stain came with a stamp-that's right a stamp sponge so of course on my first use, I gently squeezed the bottle and ended up with far too much on my face, Causing coral hell. However, upon second use I decided rather than using the sponge given, I squeezed a tiny amount onto my finger tip and simply dabbed one spot on each cheek, using my angled blush brush blended the gel into the cheeks and it gave a beautiful natural looking colour to the cheeks. The gel has a slight sparkle to it, adding light reflection as well as colour, I have only used this product as a cheek stain so I can not give a lip review I am afraid, I promise I will test it as a lip stain and add to this review.
As a cheek stain, this product really is a great value for money and it lasts a while on the cheeks, smallest amounts go the furthest with this product and the coral colour offers a summer glow to it all! I am in love with coral colours at the moment so this a close favourite.
Rating: 4/5. 

Superdrug B. Stunning Vibrant eye shimmer in 098 Poseidon-Price: Free Gift with previous purchase! (NOT YET USED) 

Seventeen Stay Pout! Lipstick in shade "Going Steady-Price: £4.49 (Boots) (NOT YET USED) 

Barry M Matte Me up Lip Crayon in shade "On the Frow" (I believe)-Price: £4.99 (Boots)
Barry M's matte me up lip crayon is a brilliant product. I had so many winter and autumn shades in regards to lipsticks it was almost insane, I could have passed for a goth so I decided to add some colour and summer shades into the collection, this was the first pick because I found the colour a lot more warming-only other colour on offer was a Dark red. The matte crayon doubles as a liner as well as a lipstick, of course due to the thickness of the pencil being careful with the outline and steady is always a good idea, otherwise we could look like Jay Z and whilst that is the general aim, we don't want to look so Jay Z that we look like we were punched in the lip-I am not a lip pencil expert, my lips are quite big anyways so I don't need to use it (sorry I'm one of those pain in the ass women!), but when I tried to...punched in the lip was the look I got. Anyways, thats lack of experience but as a lipstick or crayon which colours in the whole lip, the Barry M matte me up crayon is an awesome product! It has a nice, matte finish which doesn't budge when it comes to biting or licking too much, very tempting as it smells good. Throughout the day, the matte lipstick does need reapplying as I found after a few hours of having a few drinks, my glasses were wearing it. I do highly recommend this product as it did last hours and the colour is beautiful. 
Rating: 4/5. 

Younique Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Matte in shade Corrupted-Price: Free! Won a competition (First time ever, next stop lottery!) 
The mineral pigment matte is like the Dazzle dust's which Barry M used to make, with slight hint of glitter, it works as an eyeshadow, which has a lot more pigmentation to get a dramatic and mesmerising effect.
Corrupted is basically a beautiful way of saying the colour "black" this mineral dust in this colour works well for giving a very smoked eye effect, something which I absolutely adore because it just makes the eyes pop.  Soak an eyeshadow application brush in warm water, unbox the product and gently dab the eyeshadow brush into the mineral powder and then onto the eye, blend in between application build up to avoid block-like-eyeshadow and create more of a gradient-marble type eye effect. Younique's moodstruck minerals pigment, especially in this colour, almost looks like the night sky, it's pigmented blackness with the sparkles of glitter can have a very powerful look or a very slight grey sophistication depending on the level of blending. The eyeshadow I found remained on the eyelids throughout the day, refusing to budge meaning that fierce smoky eye, slight fall out as I put too much on the brush so I advice tapping the excess before continuing to apply and you will find you have the perfect amount. This has by far been a favourite product of mine, I love creating dark or light to dark gradient eye looks and it is so pigmented and eye catching, it's hard not to fall in love with it. I received this product free when winning a competition and it's been a beautiful win!
Rating: 5/5

Too faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette-Price: RRP: £40.00 (Debenhams) -Day I purchased there was a 10% Discount=£35. 
I am not going to lie to you, I had a meltdown in the middle of Debenhams over this beauty! Holy Moly I freaked out you see, us UK ladies did not have access to any Too faced products until now when they have finally come into the world of Debenhams. So in the middle of the store, you could imagine my delight just when I was looking for an eyeshadow palette too. Now I know what you're thinking, £35 is quite expensive for a palette but if you've seen Too Faced's Chocolate Bar or Sweet Shop eyeshadow palette, you would understand why. There is approximately 20 different eyeshadow colours all of which are highly pigmented, refraining to budge from your eyelids unless of course, you wipe them or wash them off but with daily wear it stays on, leaving your eyes to dazzle. There are some beautiful colours in the set, my favourites are "Salted Caramel" and "Cherry Cordial" plus the smell of the eyeshadows is literally to die for, smells like a sweet shop my dogs have tried to lick my eyelids for this. You get so many colours for this price and all are extremely pigmented, creating some beautiful looks! 
Rating: 5/5 a new favourite! 

Barry M Bold white Waterproof eyeliner-Price: £3.99 (Boots) 
I use white eyeliner in the corners of my eyes, nearest my nose to give that eyeshadow and the eyes a bit more pop. I learnt this trick and the effects of white eyeliner from an old friend of mine, she would use the eyeliner in the corners and along the waterline to not only make her eye makeup pop, but to defeat the appearance of red-eyes and tiredness. The Barry M Bold white comes as a black pencil, with the white eyeliner thread and beautiful floral like swirls around the pencil, giving it a classy and beautiful look. Previously, I was using a L'oreal product in comparison and I have to say, the L'oreal felt a lot bright and more like it made a difference to my eyes. That is not to say that the Barry M one fails in comparison, in fact for the price of the Waterproof eyeliner, the quality and the fact it does stay on your eyes! Even when I've been crying, I always find the white eyeliner has remained in the corner. The Barry M in this respect, outshines the L'oreal product by a long shot and it does make the eyes pop a great deal, I find that tiredness is no longer a look with this product.
Rating: 4/5

Rimmel London eyeshadow stick in colour "Hydrofuge"-Price: £1 (Pound stretchers)
The price is right ladies, but it is from pound stretchers so that might be why. £1 Rimmel London eyeshadow stick in the shade "Hydrofuge" which is like a dark purple, originally I quite liked the idea of a pencil eyeshadow, less fall out, more control right? Unfortunately, I didn't find this to be the case. Skin is hard to draw on, let alone when you're trying to colour in your eyelid to get a lovely colour, I found the pencil to be too big and perhaps if it were slightly smaller, the person using it would have had more control. Purple is one of my favourite colours, but I can never find an animal test friendly cosmetic which is highly pigmented, sadly this is another which wasn't too pigmented. I found applying a fair bit of it, then using an eyeshadow brush to blend it began to take some shape but it still lacked the pigmented purple I was hoping for, so my lilac to dark purple gradient like eyeshadow look, looked more like a 5-year-old did my eyelids. For the price, you can not expect too much from this product. I was hoping because I had quite a fall out with Rimmel, their foundations never match my skin, that this product would restore my hope, sadly not. Sorry, Rimmel. 
Rating: 1/5 

Superdrugs 2true effortless liquid Eyeliner in Black (Shade 1)-Price: £1.99. 
2tru make up by Superdrug, I would usually avoid cheap makeup because I will happily admit it, I am a makeup snob sometimes in case you haven't noticed. However, a recommendation from my friend, Becky, well I trust her opinion so of course I bought it to try and I would never go back. Liquid eyeliner can be tricky for the newbies and even the experienced, there have been a number of times I have had a fit when it doesn't go right and the flow of swear words that follows is enough to upset my nanna (sorry nan-eyeliner brings out the worst in people!). 2tru eyeliner makes it a little bit easier, with its thinner application brush it makes it easier to control, some I find to be a bit of a big brush and with the small handle to it makes it even easier. I haven't been using liquid eyeliner as long as others, I used to love my eyeliner pencils so I could smudge it to look darker, back in my emo scene kid days (oh dear!). The liquid eyeliner does not budge, it doesn't come off when you blink and it dries very quickly, I honestly wouldn't go back to using any other eyeliner and it lasts such an amazingly long time, I highly recommend this product. 
Rating: 5/5

Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara-Price: £4.99 (Boots) 

Seventeen's Falsifeye mascara promises similar results to "Younique's Moodstruck 3D fibre lash" except without two bottles. It does and it doesn't live up to its expectations, let me explain see with this product I find it definitely offers the lengthened eyelashes, especially with two coats.
The problem I have with my eyelashes is the lack of volume, they tend to go forwards instead of slightly up and trust me, I've tried normal eyelash curlers, heated eyelash curlers but they're as stubborn as a brick wall. This black mascara definitely boosts the length of lashes by at least 1/3 - 1/2 after two coats, with the Younique Fibre lash mascara you can say hello to Tarantula leg length eyelashes (if that's your kind of thing). Seventeen's comes in a little pink box, even shows you a picture of one person's results and yes after two applications you can have eyelashes that length, but as I said the product does not offer length something which I crave for in a mascara. It is still a favourite of mine and I would definitely repurchase this product, it lasts all day, it does what it says however as always with any mascara, it is stubborn to remove. 
Rating 4/5. 

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