Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Chapter 1 (I guess): 6 weeks of Egypt. (To be continued...)

The First feel of Egypt.
Travel writing is not particularly a strong point of mine, but with my words I hope to make you fall in love with the world we live in.
Every continent, every country, every state, every town and every single friendly, kind and considerate human being that enters my life, I hope to bring them into yours with my words.
I hope that as you read about the sea of luminous colours, spices dancing on tongues, music of a different kind surrounding and embracing all who can hear; I hope as you read my words, that you are transported here with me, that the world begins to surround you, that you can visually see, feel, hear, touch and taste all that I have embraced; these words, should help us share this experience together.
Egypt is mostly known by everyone to be the place of the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Ancient Egyptians and the film "the Mummy" but there is a lot more to Egypt than just its history and action pact film. Although it's history is simply beautiful on its own, modern Egypt is very much a beautiful, intriguing place to be and I can agree 6 weeks is not a long time to know a place, but it is enough time to feel more at home and from what I have experienced so far, Egypt should be known for more than just the Pyramids, the Ancient Egyptian history and its outstanding heat. 
It's friendly, helpful and kind citizens, well-protected estates or compounds, it's passions towards it's religious beliefs and the beautiful language it speaks, Arabic, should make Egypt a more well respected and appreciated place.
As soon as I landed in this country, the first thing that took my breath away was the heat, it was like opening an oven and getting a face full of hot air. Not fully expecting it, but appreciating it all the same after being on a long day of travelling, thankful to be on two legs for a short time whilst walking to the bus after 14 hours of being sat down. After a while of looking out the window, watching all the empty buildings, stray dogs and some exceptional small-desert like spaces as we passed, the curiosity of what lay ahead was growing stronger and stronger. OK perhaps it's not like a picturesque wonderland, however if you are like me you don't see empty buildings, stray dogs or desert spaces; you see potential in the place. The initial reaction was "grabbing my camera would be an ideal love right now, why did I forget to pack it!?" because what I see is creative space, somewhere to fill with purpose, make something be it a person, building or animal look and feel like it has a purpose even if it is just for a few seconds.
Learning what I did about Egypt, the empty houses were half built during the boom season some years ago, a lot of people were moving or visiting Egypt as a holiday destination and because of this it tried to accommodate those needs.  Unfortunately, the boom soon ended and a lot of these buildings have been left incomplete since, I am hoping they continue building because some of the architecture of this country is simply stunning. The detailed tiles, delicate patterns that frame the windows and doors, lined with flowers, some with diamonds and their pale backgrounds making the details stand out even more; makes anyone proud to call some of these buildings their homes, they are simply beautiful.
The first hour being in this new land excited and caused total anxiety all at the same time, but as the bus pulled up outside my new home and I was greeted by the security plus my partner Tom, as soon as I laid eyes on my beautiful new home I felt a lot more relaxed. The building I live in is in a quiet area of 6th October City and it is a magnificent building, at first it felt more like Spain with it's red walls, delicate blue flowers on the plain, white tiles and the shimmering clean concrete that guided us to the steps. It was beautiful, I couldn't see much of it when I first landed, being totally honest as it was 11pm but I could still see a bit of it and I could still appreciate it. After 14 hours, being curled up next to Tom in this beautiful country, I felt a lot more at ease and ready for the next day that lay ahead of me. 

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