Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Transfiguration lessons: Turning your Bath into a Yoga mat! Bath Bomb Wednesdays with Lush Cosmetics.

Hello one and all,

I hope you are all fine, well and having a lovely week so far if you haven't come here before, my name is Natalie and I do regular blog posts on cruelty-free beauty products, makeup, books and TV shows. Today I am back with another bath bomb Wednesday, we are STILL in Lush cosmetics range (so many to try and there is so much more to come during Halloween and Christmas as well, I can not wait!) with today's little beauty taking me on a complete journey that in all honesty, I was not expecting but this quickly grounded, calmed and shot straight up to being one of my favourite bath time experiences ever; transformed my bath into my yoga mat, the Yoga Bath Bomb is an orange delight that I will be repurchasing without a doubt.
   I combined the orange ball of sunshine with 1/4 of Brightside bubble bar to add some citrus awakening to the relaxing freshness and the two scents really did compliment each other very well. The Zesty citrus like fragrance from Yoga Bath bomb worked extremely well with the fragrance from Brightside, giving the bath a very grounding, cleansing and calming feel which instantly uplifted and detoxed the mood from all negative emotions, like a 30 minute Yoga session done within a few moments of making the bath bomb. The yoga bomb having slightly dots of blue and pink with glitter dusting on the outer layer was just a sneak peak of the phenomenal show inside the bath bomb that would instantly calm the user as the watch the colours disperse.
As Yoga bomb touches the water, the sodium bicarbonate helps to create a milky outer layer that sits beautifully on top of the bath water as the bath bomb slowly dissolves, leaving small amount of bubbles and unleashing the fragrance for a long time around the bath. The moisturising qualities from the milky bubbles can be felt during the bath and afterwards, feels like a constant cuddle from the bath bomb itself to ground you back to Earth in a slow, compassionate way and whilst releasing the milky white bubbles, which makes it look like the sun, slowly the bath bomb begins to release more colour and display a show that instantly calms the bather as we see the yellow, purple and blue oasis sitting beautifully on top of the water with the added glitter shine. It was a very slow performer but absolutely beautiful to watch and extremely calming with all the colours stimulating the visual needs, whilst the scent of sandalwood offers an earthy fragrance known in aromatherapy for its mental clarity, relaxing and soothing, as well as being known to decrease blood pressure and is great in assisting those with endometriosis, by relieving the pain as an anti-inflammatory.
As well as Sandalwood, the Yoga bomb contains other beautiful oils and ingredients with many health benefits such as Olibanum (also known as Frankincense) works as an anti-wrinkle, scar, wound or acne remedy, great for digestion and relieves the body from pain whilst also being a beautiful tool to help cure the common cold or flu; this bath bomb ticks all the boxes for those who enjoy a show, need a calming, relaxation and body detox to bring them back to Earth.
Once it's dissolved, the bath was left with a beautiful orange and glitter filled lagoon, that made enchanting waters and felt like you stepped inside a lava lamp with an aromatherapy fragrance of citrus, floral and earth like nature that helped to cleanse and uplift the mood as if by magic. Skin after the bath was left feeling soft with a small amount of glitter remaining on the body and it definitely felt well moisturised and my mood was left uplifted; raised like a phoenix so overall, I will definitely be buying this bath bomb again and I thoroughly enjoyed this bath.
Rating: 5/5 
Price: £3.95

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