Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Letting Go never felt so easy, the cold never bothered me anyways! Bath Bomb Wednesdays with Lush Cosmetics.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all fine, well and having a lovely week so far; If not, then I think this review will help you let things go in a very Frozen, blue, winter wonder and relaxed oasis. It is that time of week again and still being on the Lush Cosmetics range, today we're going to review the Disney movie inspired bath bomb that taught us all the importance of letting it go and blue, calm waters; Frozen Bath Bomb.
 Deeper light blue middle with a ice, light blue to the top and bottom, you could almost tell instantly that as this dissolved in the bath water, the middle would unleash this blue icy blast whilst the ice-cold light blue top and bottom layers create the bubble, milky and moisturising gloss top finish on the bath water, almost creating a look of frozen ice and snow within the bath; the glitter shimmer adding to the magic of this bath bomb. Upon placing the bath bomb in gently, the bomb was of medium-slow fizzing as the light blue dispersed across the bath water with a glitter like glow, almost looking like Elsa's dress-train from in the movie. In terms of on the glitter scale, this one does not have much of a glitter factor to it just a small amount to make it look like a icy lagoon, which to me was an appealing factor although recently I am very much enjoying the glitter bath bombs.
During it's winter-in-the-middle-of-summer performance, Frozen unleashed a beautifully minty, calming and cool, fresh breeze air around the bathroom being someone who enjoys the winter and Autumn season, the aroma did feel like a warm, comforting and refreshing hug from an old friend. The unique blend of Grapefruit, Rose water and Neroli oil's are known for their many benefits such as  an anti-depressant,  anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, reducing redness, treating eczema, acne and dermatitis, whilst the Neroli oil acts as a bactericidal, sedative and tonic substance meaning it restores physical and mental well being. You are looking at something that will not only beat the blues, it will blast you right out of them and leave the bather feeling refreshed, renewed and perhaps they'll burst out that bathroom screaming "LET IT GO!" I know that when I left this bathroom I did feel like a Queen, ready to rule her kingdom. All pains, redness, irritation and foul mood was lifted, whilst my sense of smell was left feeling calmed and floral. I think in terms of a cocktail, this bath bomb would go beautifully with Butterball, Milky bar or Sunny side bubble bar because although the bath bomb did lift my mood, my skin was left feeling quite rough and dehydrated. I bathed for as long as I usually do at an hour and twenty minutes, I would love for this bath bomb to have more of a moisturising feel which I somewhat expected since the bath bomb had a very white and milky release. I would however, still repurchase this bath bomb although I may combine it with other moisturising products and for the price of the product being more expensive than the other bombs, I was hoping it would tick all the box, but perhaps I have an overly high standard as above all I did enjoy this bath though I didn't enjoy the way my skin felt afterwards.
Rating: 3/5 
Price: £4.95


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