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Watch Pretty Little Liars they said, it will be fun they said! Season 6 Pretty Little Liars finale. *Spoilers*

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I hope you are all fine, well and having a lovely week so far. OK, it's been a while since the finale of that carnival theme song, cryptic hoodie "A's" and the countless amount of over the top deaths, but I think I speak for everyone when I say I needed a few moments to process everything I witnessed of Season 6B of Pretty Little Liars. Thinking it ended with the grand revealing of "A" in the first half was a foolish mistake, as a fandom we should really know by now, yet perhaps I'm speaking for myself when I say I was lulled gently into believing it would just be one little lie and then they'd leave Rosewood happily ever after; perhaps I'm the fool.

So without further ado, I am going to mainly discuss the finale episode with our liars, a few references to episodes previously but I don't want to write essays and essays about these TV shows when there are other amazing things I need to catch up on (Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, American horror story is my addiction at the moment, to be honest anyways coming off topic.)
Pretty little liars is a TV series set in Rosewood, following the story of our 5 liars through the mystery-thrills that remain within the town in America, the series was based off the successful book series of the same title written by Sara Shepard. If you do enjoy this review, I have the collection of books and would be pleased to read the series and update you on the differences between novel and TV series; simply like this post, share with friends or comment below expressing your interest.
Season 6B begins 5 years after the grand reveal and "sentencing" of "A" the previous tormentor who held the girls hostage, tormented and caused more emotional, physical, mental and social torture for any one person to bear. Before I divulge any more information, if you haven't already seen the series and wish to watch then please divert away from this post now as the rest will contain spoilers. 
A lot has changed for the girls and within Rosewood, with the jury and Alison looking for the release of Charlotte DiLaurentes/CeeCee Drake, our Spoby, Emison, Ezria, Haleb all split up or with different partners, no longer in school and even a different "husher" in the opening giving Aria a break. However, we still have the same mystery "who killed Charlotte/A?" who is tormenting the girls? Are they the same people or different? Some of our questions were answered in the finale episode, with the grand elections of State Senator and all the votes being counted under way, of course, the main event would be the highlight of two extremes; the revealing of the New A and Spencers mum being State Senator. 
The finale saw the rekindling of the old relationships and flames, with Ezra and Aria seeming to be getting back together after the success of their book, Hanna and Caleb sharing a cheeky kiss in the finale after Hanna opening up to confessing that she always loved Caleb, Spencer and Toby going on an adventure with tag along Mona, Emily taking care of and still showing her loyal love to Alison and I have to say I felt all the joy escape my body with the couples as they teamed together again. 
We would all be lying if we didn't say that we were all as sad as Ashley Benson (Hanna) and Keegan (Toby) when we had no Hanna and Caleb babies or wedding when the season restarted, the rage that probably hit most of us when Spencer and Caleb began, in spite of how sweet they are together we have to admit, the tears and anger could not be contained.
So in this final episode of Season 6, when we saw the couples rejoin of course there was great happiness felt from my half as well as great sadness.
The main reason it's taken me a while to write this post? I've been in great, great mourning over the (potential) loss of one of our liars, Hanna. I know how "A" works, she faked Mona's death then dressed her up as Alison and locked her in a doll house, but this isn't "A" this is A-moji, the mother of A, Mary Drake (which I will get onto in just a minute) just as Charlotte's/A's/Charle's murder was done, we see our beloved fashionista Hannah with flowers taped to her hands and being dragged across the church tower floor. If we're being honest with a number of murders that occur there, you would have thought there would be security in front of the door asking for reasons why they were entering the church. Any event, I couldn't help but scream at my TV, wear black and pray to the Pretty Little Liar gods that Hanna is going to be ok, this is just another Amoji A stunt (like mother like daughter right?) but the reason in which Hanna "seemed to have been killed" is because Mary Drake is under the impression that Hanna killed Charlotte. This leads us to a question, who actually DID kill charlotte? We know it wasn't Hanna or do we? Assuming this is where season 7 will lead us and we'll be placed on another rollercoaster, firstly finding out whether Hanna really is deceased and the next person to be carried out in a casquet? Secondly, who the killer is? There maybe a few theories a lot would believe it is people who care about the liars, but I still have my suspicions on Sarah Harvey, because we still have no idea what her fascination is with the underground layer of Radley's, is she involved with Mary Drake and Elliot as well? OR, is Sarah separate and the reason for Charlotte's murder?
Onto the Subject of Mary Drake is it just me or is the DiLaurentes family tree the most far-fetched and complicated family tree ever? If this show has taught me anything, it's that anyone can lie to you including family and friends but it all comes out eventually in some big complicated mess that costs everyone their lives.

Mary Drake being the twin of Mrs. DiLaurentes and biological mother of Charlotte DiLaurentes/CeeCee Drake/A/Charles Drake (she has so many names it's actually exceptionally hard to keep up) and Elliot being the psychologist as well as seeming loving of Charlotte but also the husband of Charlotte's adopted sister/Cousin, Alison DiLaurentes. First of all, Where the heck has Mary Drake been hiding from seasons 1-6? Was she thought to be dead or was she lurking in the shadows as her daughter grew up with her sister? Radley being the home of both Mary and Charlotte, how is it that they never met or connected before now? I can not make sense of Mary's appearance or her history and I'm hoping a lot of these questions will be answered throughout the next season, but in a try pretty little liars way when one question gets answered, another 7 appear. We now know who was sending the texts, but we're left with even more confusion as to where she was for so many years.
Alison's story being one also of interest, assuming that her aunt Mary and husband Elliot made her feel crazy by dressing up as her dead mother and detective Walden, I'm guessing as revenge for everything that happened with Charlotte/A and for her being sent to psychiatry, even though it was clear she needed help. So what will happen to our precious Alison? I'm under the assumption seeing as she isn't actually clinically insane and there is not mental health issue although there might be trauma from the events of A, that perhaps she will be released with some luck and be rekindled along with Mona to crack the mystery of who killed Charlotte and the background of Mary Drake?

Pretty little liars although far fetched is probably the most entertaining and intriguing TV show I have watched for a while, still thoroughly enjoy it and the style it's presented it, continuously keeps up this style and flow throughout each season with more surprises through and through. Season 7 will be aired at the end of June 2016 and until then, we can continue to mourn.

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