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Was that really the 100th Episode? Once upon a time "Souls of the Departed" Review

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So it's back, the "we have no idea where we on the timeline, are we even on a timeline?" Fairy-tale twisted, world's most complicated family tree ever Tv show is back for its 100th episode and the beginning of season 5B. As much as I am a lover and true oncer fan, I have to say, I am... disappointed with "Souls of the departed" at the same time, still hooked and in need of this show. Before we go into detail and pick apart this 100th episode, let's just recap you on the season 5A and where we left off in a shorter summary than what I originally rambled about in my last blog post on "Once upon a time (Season 5A part one)"  and the Season 5A part two.  

Do not read if you don't want to deal with spoilers.
 Emma Swan turned Hook into a Dark one to save him from dying, Hook resurrected all the Dark Ones from the Underworld for his revenge on Emma however, Regina reminds him of something Hook's father used to say "what kind of man, do you want to be?" as well as seeing Nimue harming Emma makes Hook realise just how much he loves her and how he doesn't want to cause her serious harm or have his revenge, so he absorbs all the darkness and allows Emma to kill him in a loving and understanding way, asking her to let him die a hero. Only for Rumplestiltskin to double-cross Hook by enchanting Excalibur with a spell to transfer the Darkness back into Rumple, making him the Dark one again. As payment for his treachery, Emma threatens Rumple that she will tell Belle who he really is if Rumple doesn't take Emma to the underworld to save Hook and thus-HERE WE ARE. Just a tiny summary, of course, more stuff happened than just that, but that summary will do for now.

Let's talk about the introduction to the Underworld, this world looks a lot like Storybrooke except a bit of the clock tower is on the ground, the shops all looking as though they've been ransacked, the red and sandy looking atmospheric fog that lingers around every corner, not to mention the scary witch from the tale of Hansel and Gretel that offers her services at "Granny's." and just so happens to look like Harley Quinn. There is even a place for Snow and Charming to move into when they cross over into this realm, freaking creeps-village but then again the man running the joint isn't exactly Santa Claus or the Easter bunny. I quite like the idea of the residence within this underworld having a grave, in a way it's a connection that can be shared and the only common ground that both worlds, their memory of life preserved in a headstone. The introduction to the underworld is literally like a frantic introduction to run down Storybrooke, but why the heck does the town look like Storybrooke?
There are some theories that this is because Hades has a love for Zelena, of course, Regina creating a curse which created Storybrooke in the first place was one of the reasons why Zelena was envious of her sibling and turned green; just one of the many reasons. It might also explain how Hades knows about Zelena, although he has to know about everything as does everyone in the underworld somehow, whether that is also because although underworld is very similar to Storybrooke, maybe it acts as a cross-over and why sometimes you're able to communicate with the dead. Still however, in this fan theory Hades "undying love" for Zelena may have caused him to create a Storybrooke Underworld just for her however with a cryptic and "wicked" twist on it (naturally!) Of course, we are only two episodes in and therefore, this theory will not yet be revealed to be true or not until much later on as I'm assuming. Of course, Zelena will find a way to the underworld; kinda romantic in a way and at the same time, Hades and Zelena love would be quite mortifying to witness plus with his blue hair and her green skin, really not good genetics for a child? Or is that just me?

So let's talk about the man that is running the joint whilst we are on the subject, Hades, no doubt about it did not fail to be the Evil "A" of the underworld (more about that in the next blog, let's concentrate on this episode for now). We only get a brief introduction to this man at the end of the episode, when we see how truly scared Cora is of the man, yep that's right, even the Queen of Hearts is scared of Hades. Portrayed by Greg Germann the ruler of the underworld with his terrible blue hair, sorry but it looks weird in photographs, as seen in the Disney classic "Hercules"  is portrayed more as a comedic and almost "friendly" in a ruler of hell kind of way. However, in Once upon a time, there is a much darker side to him or so I feel. It's almost like A with the torturous mind tricks, I feel as though we can expect more of this villain and that there is more to him than just wishing to keep everyone imprisoned in the Underworld. Especially since he's taken great pleasure in harming our beloved Hook for some reason that I'm curious of and is having a ball messing with Emma Swan and her family. Seeking revenge on the people, who are helping people to leave and in addition, perhaps seeking revenge on the people in the way of Zelena's happiness, it also may explain why Hades knows about them all and about Zelena, then again he is the lord of the underworld so that might just be part of the job description.

Not only are we introduced to new faces in this episode, but we're taken back with a blast from the past as we are reunited with Regina's father Henry Mills, her dreaded mother Cora and the villain we all love to hate, Peter Pan. This episode, in particular, is a very Regina orientated episode, which would make sense as she was the original focus of the first seasons as she cast the Dark Curse and to see how far she has come as a character, especially in this episode shows just how much the show has been through and grown since the very beginning. Although this to me made me feel that the 100th episode was not as big or full as it had the potential to be, we have original villains we all loved to hate returning to leave again after this episode, we have Cora already threatening "to do what's best" for Regina and as usual her selfish disguised as caring attempts end up biting her in the ass, we have Peter pan in the Museum of Rumplestiltskin with the Chipped cup and doll, offering a favour in return for switching places with the living souls that have come with Rumple. Whilst you might think you are glad to see them return I am 99% sure you aren't so pleased about their intentions.
Cora looking for a way to escape by trying to manipulate her daughter, Regina, into leaving the underworld. I don't even understand how Cora fell for this foolish trick or thought she could succeed since she has seen how much Regina has grown and changed into perhaps, someone she wouldn't approve of seeing as her daughters heart is pretty much pure now. However, in spite of her intentions to make her daughter leave, Regina fails to listen and makes the right choice to stand by her friends and complete the mission to take Hook back to Storybrooke. This, in turn, leading to her father Henry being able to pass over to a better place, the exchange between Henry and Henry over believing in Regina was absolutely heart touching and if you didn't cry or have happy tears of joy, then there might be something wrong with you. With the realisation that they can help people transition over to a better or worse place, the team now make it their aim to assist everyone in the Underworld as best as they can to move on to a better life (or a worse one).
Again, totally losing track over the real reason we went to the underworld in the first place, HOOK!
What has become of our heroic and dashing pirate? He's taken a few beatings from Hades by the seems of it for a reason I am not particularly sure of, unless they were aware that Emma would try to save him from the underworld and in turn, be a threat to Hades plan or whether this "theory" is correct and Hades is simply punishing Hook for being a part of the family, preventing Zelena from having her happy ending.
We will receive our answers in the season finale, which I can totally wait for. Overall, the 100th Episode was not what I expected and although I was happy to see old characters, it wasn't as powerful as it had the potential to be in my personal opinion, but I still really enjoyed the episode and I'm looking forward to the rest of the show unravelling.


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