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Lush Review: 7 Face wonders.

Hello Everyone,
I hope you are all fine, well and as eager to see spring as I am. I apologise for not really doing many blogs or videos at the moment, I had a full week of training from 5am-7pm when I returned home and could not fit in the time to do videos as well, but don't fret! It's all for a good cause so I can continue to review and test out a variety of products, whilst aiming for other lifestyle goals and choices.
I figured it would be worth my time whilst being in Exeter every day of the week to purchase some Lush goodies, return Five of my pots to receive a free face mask and some free samples given to me after one of my consultations.
I have done a video of some Bath Lush products as well and you should be able to catch it very soon.

Products up for review.
Full of Grace Serum Bar
Rosey Cheeks face mask
Mask of Magnamity body and face mask
Cosmetic Warrior faces mask
Tea Tree Toner tablets (in bottle)
9 to 5 Cleansing lotion (Sample)
Celestial moisturiser (sample)

Full of Grace Serum Bar-Price: £8.25 Vegan-Friendly
Recently those of you who have seen my "lotions and potions" video on YouTube will know, I had the world's worst breakout of spots and I believe this is due to some of the chemicals used in the Superdrug's own brand range. Upon feeling that my skin was becoming very dry and unpleasant when using the Superdrug products, I quickly switched back to the Lush products I was using and this being one of them. Full of grace facial serum comes in a solid bar form, which melts slightly at body temperature and, therefore, it is important to keep this product in the fridge. The product itself smells quite relaxing and not too overpowering, which is just what you want from a facial serum. Upon application, I felt my skin instantly drink up the product and love every second of it, restoring its firmness and within a few days, my skin had been restored to its original condition, clear, glowing and firm beautifulness. I feel that switching back to this bar definitely helped to calm my skin down after a terrible reaction to the Superdrug range, with Full of graces blend of calamine powder, which helps to calm and soften the skin, combined with murumuru butter, which is known for it's firming and glossy qualities which it offers the skin, feel it is safe to say this product offers it all and can be great for all skin.
Rating: 5/5 

Rosey Cheeks Face Mask-Price: £6.75 Vegan-Friendly.
Upon returning a total of ten pots to Lush, I was informed with every five pots I return to recycle I received a free face mask, meaning I gained a total of two to claim and this being one of them. A new release from Lush Cosmetics, Rosey cheeks face mask comes in the standard black pot at £6.75 with a vegan-friendly stamp on the top. Upon opening the tub, you are greeted with a blooming beautiful pastel pink face mask product, which is ready for use when you are. The calming and floral scent that delicately reaches the nostrils, not only know for this beautiful scent but in addition to this, has very moisturising and soothing qualities, which I feel may help to even skin tone and repair the damage of the winter winds outside. The product promises and keeps to its word, evening out the skin tone so all those reds and pinks seem calmer, more even and moisturised along with the rest of the face leaving a well nourished and all round even skin tone. However, if like myself you have fairly normal to the oily skin at the current moment in time, I would advise trying the next face mask instead to clear the breakout before the application of Rosey Cheeks to even skin tone, as this product can be quite moisturising. The smell is lovely and I did see an even skin tone in the finish, however, due to its moisturising qualities the product MAY have caused a breakout on my skin so for my personal self with oily-normal skin, I recommend trying the next face mask below and using this on any dry areas you may have or areas which suffer from redness/uneven skin tone.
Rating 3/5 

Mask of Magnamity Face and Body mask-Price: £9.95 (NOT vegan)
The mask in a bigger pot, minty, fresh and most definitely restoring, a mask of Magnamity is yet another new mask product from Lush, which is not just intended for the face but also, finally a mask that takes care of the body. Although you may feel it is slightly more expensive, this mask of wonders can be used in many areas of the body, therefore, comes with the extra product, bigger tub and more value for money. The peppermint oil within this product assists the vanilla in calming the skin, as well as cleansing it from acne breakouts and unleashing a fragrance, which relaxes the user as well. Currently only used the product on my face, I have found that within 20 minutes of using this product as a facial mask, my skin has been left to have a healthier glow and clearer complexion, whilst the Marigold not only draws us "closer to god" (or so the Ancient Egyptians believed) but it also has many benefits for the skin, helping this product to soothe skin dryness or chapped areas and Marigold is also known to be very helpful for skin irritations such as eczema, dermatitis etc.
I would recommend using this product as a face mask, in particular when the face is in need of a gentle cleanse.
Rating: 4/5 

Cosmetic Warrior-Price: £6.75 Vegan-Friendly.
Upon accidentally *coughs* falling into Lush in Exeter, I was gifted by a lovely assistant, whose name I believe to be Linzy, though I am 99% sure that's wrong I'll go back and correct this (sorry!) who offered me a consultation to help fix the dreadful skin that occurred thanks to Superdrug products and within this heroic attempt to save my skin, she gifted me with the introduction of this beautiful facemask once again and yet again, I fell in love. Although not one of the most fragrant smells or most enjoyable, the ingredients within cosmetic warrior still make the skin thirsty and excited, ready to absorb all of its moisturising, soothing and anti-inflammatory goodness. The garlic within the product has been known by many for it's anti-aging, pore minimising, removal of blackheads and whiteheads as well as anti-fungal and infection prevention qualities. When combined with the moisture of honey, tea tree and green grapes the skin definitely falls in love with this product and it really did help to soothe my overly irritated skin. This was the other facemask I received free when recycling/returning my pots to store and has quickly become an essential in my fridge for really bad days.
Rating: 5/5

Tea Tree Steam Toner Tablet-Price: £1.
Bargain alert but also a massive pain to set up, OK I love this product but it required a lot of effort and although now, I have a wonderful bottle of toner that cost me £2 which was a bargain! It wasn't that easy. The Tea tree toner tablets are absolutely adorable and pretty easy to use, just ensure you have access to a kettle with some boiling water, a bowl and your hair is up, away from the face; a cloth or towel to hold the bowl with close to the face as well. Drop the tablet into the hot water and place your face over the bowl, allowing the steam to rise and get ready to literally feel all of your dirt leave your skin. I did thoroughly enjoy the steaming experience and I could literally just feel all of the dirt leaving as my pores opened up, however, it's probably a pain because I'm miles away from a kettle and I wanted the steam experience in the comfort of my own room. The tea tree cleanses the face, combating acne whilst calming the skin, being fairly gentle. What I love about this product is the fact you can pour the remainder of it, into a spray bottle to use as a toner for the rest of the week or month, I used two tablets within my toning experience and filled the whole bottle meaning I gained a toner for a very cheap price. I did really enjoy this product and in a spirit of efforts, I would most definitely repurchase!
Rating: 3/5

9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion-Price: £5.10 for 95g, £9.95 for 240g Vegan-friendly.Another product used during my consultation and honestly, this product has quickly flown to a must have on my next lush shopping list. Instantly, upon applying this soft and gentle cleanser via a cotton cloth deep into the skin with a massage, my skin just absorbed the goodness instantly and began to feel relaxed, calm and even skin tone. The product is a milky, soothing, refreshing and moisturising milk like cream in a fairly big bottle and ideally, I would recommend using after removing makeup and before applying makeup so your skin can really benefit from the wonders of this product. The almond oil within the product helps the skin to plump, moisturise, removing of dead skins and impurities as well as gives the skin many vitamins which it requires for repair, whilst the Dove orchid extract to be a soft, gentle skin clearing ingredient meaning it may offer some protection from pollution and other harmful environmental hazards your skin may come into contact with. As I left the shop my skin was so nourished and refreshed, it could feel the wind and it felt good against my complexion something, which since using the Superdrug products, I just felt my skin was very much smothered, very eager to try this product further and combination with the final product on this list, it was a dream consultation.
Rating: 5/5 (so far!) 

Celestial Moisturiser-Price: £12.95 Vegan-Friendly.
On my lovely little sample pot, the extremely helpful Lush consultant placed the words “fave moisturiser” and I feel she might have had a right too. Again, this was the final product she used in the consultation and my skin just adored it so much. Whatever it was stripped of thanks to the Superdrug cosmetics, Lush yet again saved my skin with this moisturising, soothing and calming moisturising. Basing alone of the skin of the lush representative, her skin was so radiant and youthful I will put money on it that after years of use, the moisturiser soon enough took 20 years off her. She looked FABULOUS and I felt fabulous after just one use of this moisturiser. The blend of vanilla, dove orchid and almond oil reinforced and complimented the 9 to 5 cleanser extremely well, giving my skin the rejuvenation it much deserved.I really do hope to test this moisturiser out in the long run in the near future and I can let you know if it continues to work its magic!
Rating: 5/5 (so far!) 

That’s it for this Lush Review my lovelies, thank you so much for reading and stay tuned as I have my Lush bath review video being uploaded very soon.xoxo

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