Thursday, 16 April 2015

Welcome! :)

Hello Everyone and welcome to my I-have-actually-lost-count-how-many-times-I-have-tried-to-start-a-blog blog! I suffered from a severe case of writers block for the past for years, that happens right?
My name is Natalie, I am a 22 year old lady from a small town called Paignton in the South West of England, who has a joy.
(QUE PRESIDENT SPEECH!) My joy isn't something which you fix with a needle and some cotton, it doesn't involve a musical instrument, the art of dance, a lens or any at home chemistry set. My joy involves your smile, the roar that leaves your throat after you hear me saying something completely nonsensical and yet somehow, you understood it-even if you didn't, you still can't help but let this intoxicating giggle leave your body; My joy and the reason why I am blogging is to make some of you laugh.

Now first thing is first, that does not mean my sense of humour or personality is to every ones liking, I understand that. Some of you may find me slightly funny, others may find my hysterical and some may not find me funny at all. Any way it goes, it's OK, I do not come with a laughter guarantee, but I hope that for some of you I can at least make you smile, even if just for a second.

So lets expand, what am I going to be talking about?
Well, in order to have a desire to write, many people discuss their interests or business, right?
I enjoy many things and I suppose half the stuff I enjoy, my dog also enjoys too. I mean, who doesn't love eating, sleeping, walks on the beach, rescuing pebbles from the sea by sticking your head in the water and chasing cats off your lawn before they can take a poop? Exactly, Everyone loves that stuff, but that isn't what I'm going to talk about (well, my dogs will probably be a prime subject).

I will be giving reviews on books and skin care products, I will be talking about my day-to-day activities, my YouTube videos or YouTube ideas and the rest well, I'll be honest-it will be probably be just a pile of drivel.

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